Professional Learning Communities

What is it?

Professional Learning Community Knowledge Map, The 6 C's, and the Four Critical Questions.

Expectations for Meetings 2016-17

Meeting dates and locations, Feedback form for meetings, and Survey on Team Norms

Learning Cycle Documents

Planning Template, Rubric, Knowledge Map, and other resources to assist you in creating high quality assessments.

Learning Cycle Analysis Forms

Pre- and Post- Learning Analysis Forms and Data Analysis Protocols.


Podcast, justification for, and samples of SMART Goals.

Assessment Wiki

Resources for types of targets and kinds of evidence.   Richard J. Stiggens' 7 Strategies of Assessment for Learning.

Instructional Wiki

You will find resources for our instructional framework (Marzano). These resources are organized by the four domains. In addition, Inspiration Videos, Reading Strategies, and Instructional Coaching Resources are also included.


Job description, agendas, and other supportive resources.