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Picturing Success

The Hastings Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors is extremely proud of our 4-year scholarships and the students who receive this support over a four-year period. Sharing their progress with you, our readers, is one way that we can honor these scholars, share their successes, and provide examples of why the HPS Foundation scholarship program is so important. Finally the Foundation believes that this is another way to thank the donors who support our entire scholarship program.

Class of 2015 

Sam Roth

Johnson Family Scholarship 2015

Entering my sophomore year at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, I am confident that I chose the right college for me. In high school, I decided I wanted to be a physical therapist. Knowing that this would require a doctorate, I had to decide on a major for my undergraduate studies. Because of my love for sports, I decided to pursue athletic training as my major. My visit to Lincoln blew every other school out of the water, not only because of the amazing facilities that I get to work in, but also because the atmosphere on campus is like no other. At a university with more than 20,000 students, I have one-on-one relationships with professors, which is one of many things that makes Nebraska special. I am blessed to have the opportunity to spend four years at UNL and I look forward to pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in the future.

Sam Roth


Ryder Mays

Thank you for your continuing support of my education.  This letter is my yearly update for the Ardyce Bohlke Memorial Scholarship.  I am still attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I am beginning my sophomore year.  I am continuing my English major, while also exploring the possibility of a second major or a minor in either Actuarial Science or Political Science.  My cumulative GPA after my first year is 3.930.

Again, thank you so much for this scholarship and for your support of my education.

Ryder Mays



Class of 2014

Alaethea Remmers

My undergraduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology is progressing quite well, especially with the help of the Hastings Public Schools Foundation. I am still majoring in Communication Disorders and Sciences along with earning my minor in Psychology. I have been a two-year vet. on the Tiger Deb dance team and I have been awarded a captain position for the 2016-2017 seasons. I thank the Foundation for the ability to further my education with their generous support through the Johnson Family Scholarship. It has been an enormous help to me.

In other news, I am graduating my undergraduate a year early! I will be graduating with my B.S. in the Spring of 2017. I am applying to graduate schools for the next fall semester. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Aleathea Remmers

Kiara Carson

 Thank you again for another year and opportunity of being a recipient of the Ardyce Bohlke Scholarship.  I was so sorry to hear of the death of Jon Bohlke, her husband.  But I am even more honored now to have my name tied to this scholarship.

This last year was extremely difficult, both personally and academically.  I had to deal with several things that I had never before dreamt would be a part of my life.  I felt as though I had handled those situations as best I was able.  But given all the new challenges I had to face this year, I am so excited for all of the new opportunities that have been placed before me for the next school year.

Jon Bohlke was excited about my journey and learning in my Spanish education.  I am pleased to say that I am continuing and advancing.  I also have been using my skills as a musician to participate in and save the Spanish ministry at my university.

For this next academic year, I will be serving my university choir as both section leader and student conductor.  I am so excited about this opportunity, especially because the faculty conductor appoints these positions.  I am thankful that leadership skills have been seen in me and I hope to rise to the occasion. 

Thank you for your support of my education.  I am thrilled about it and what’s coming next.

Kiara Carson


Class of 2013

Cody Newlun

Hello! I am writing this letter to update you on the progress I have made this recent academic year. I have just completed my junior year at Hastings College. I am still working on my physics major and mathematics minor. During this year, I was inducted into two honorary societies. I am now a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, an academic and leadership society. I am also a member of Alpha Chi, which consists of the top 10% of the junior and senior classes at Hastings College. This past April I had the chance to go to Washington DC for Alpha Chi’s national conference. While there I presented a research project that I had completed at Kansas State University in the Department of Chemical Engineering. As for this summer, I have accepted a position as a research intern at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I will be doing work in the Department of Physics working with a new generation X-Ray Light Source. This will hopefully give me more experience in an advanced laboratory and performing graduate level work. I currently have plans to pursue a graduate degree in electrical engineering. Next year I will be busy applying and visiting various universities with my preferred graduate program.

            The Ardyce Bohlke Memorial Scholarship has served me well during my time at Hastings College. College is an expensive endeavor and the cost is eased through the help of this scholarship. I would like to personally thank the Hastings Public Schools Foundation for all that you do for me, my peers, and the community of Hastings. Your work is greatly appreciated. This scholarship allows me to save for my graduate education as it may be a costly process. I am honored to receive this award every year.

Sean Selko

Johnson Family Scholarship 2013

This academic school year will bring about my fourth and final year of undergraduate studies. My junior year of college came with a very challenging workload. However, I took on the challenge and ended the year very well. This last summer I took the MCAT and have been applying to medical school. I will hopefully graduate this May with a Biochemistry degree. After completing my undergraduate studies here at Hastings College, I aspire to continue my learning by attending medical school to follow my dreams of becoming a physician. I am grateful to the Hastings Public Schools Foundation for what they have done for me the last four years. Thank you to those who donate to the foundation and those who serve on its board.

Sean Selko