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  • Student of the Week (9/19-9/23) 8A: Jaiden StegimeierThe 8A Diamond this week is a student who's come a long way,He's become a man of wisdom in 8th grade and always has something to add.We love his good attitude and desire… read more

  •   By COLLIN SPILINEK intern@hastingstribune.com      Nebraska Lt. Gov. Mike Foley addressed a crowd of students and parents at the Hastings Middle School Open House Monday about the new skilled and technical sciences program.  … read more

  • Printable Copy 8th GRADENotebook or folders (whichever preferred by student)Pens, pencilsPaper1-2 Highlighters2 Highlighters (Math)Box colored pencilsTexas Instruments TI-30X IIS Calculator (Algebra students only)Box tissues… read more

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