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Students of the Week

Student of the Week (5/8-5/12)

8A: Alex Schmidt
Our final Diamond of the week is one that has earned his Shine
He is a walking, talking 8 key all of the time
He's smart and talented but humble and kind.
A nicer guy would be very hard to find
Alex Schmidt, you are Outstanding young man and our 8A student of the week.

8B: Justin Musgrave
For the last, we saved
a boy who is very brave
many tours he gave
About our champion we love to rave
Our 8B champion is Justin Musgrave

7A: Delaney Choate
When we picked our student of the week, this one received every vote.
To all the chaos at the end of the year, she is the perfect antidote.
To her studies, lots of time she does devote.
She is always organized and never struggles to stay afloat.
All of the eight keys this student does promote.
Congrats to our Panda of the Week, Delaney Choate!

7B: Jaziel Ramirez 
A Clerihew for our White Tiger

What a kid, that Jaziel
He is bright and swell.
He works hard in class
Of course, he'll pass

With his last name Ramirez
We'll trust what he says
He is pretty nice
We would vote for him twice

6A: Brandon Woods
Brandon Woods is our 6A Student of the Week. Brandon, you a such a kind person and good friend. You do a great job in class showing others how to do the right thing in class. We appreciate your work ethic and commitment to doing your very best. Keep up the great work.

6B: Nathan Glaze
We wish that Nathan had come to our team earlier in the year! While he wasn't here when we taught the 8 Keys, he sure lives them: especially integrity, This is It, and flexibility. Nathan, we look forward to seeing great things as you move up through HMS. Thanks for coming to our team!