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Students of the Week


Students of the Week:  10/6/2017


8A:  Elijah Combs


He takes us out to the ballgame, takes us out to the crowd,


His smile is like peanuts and cracker jack,


We are glad that he always comes back,


We'll root, root, root that he's on our team,


Our pride in his work we'll exclaim


Elijah is one, of, our favorite gems


In the old 8th grade


Elijah Combs is our 8A diamond of the week!


8B: Colman Scharff


This student sure is a lot of fun,


Character, he's got a ton,


Quality homework is always done,


Our 8B Champion, he is the ONE!


This week we choose Colman Scharff!


7A: Nathaniel Glaze


The 7A student of the week never fails to amaze.


He is absolutely deserving of the highest praise.


On the football field, he knows all the plays.


This student only has good days.


If school was a job, he would deserve a raise.


We are happy to announce the Student of the Week is Nathaniel Glaze!


7B: Jordan Head


Head of the class


Great head on her shoulders


Keeps her Head above water


Someday she will be Head of a company


Our 7B SOW is Jordan Head


6A: Tethoach Duang


Tethlocah has the work ethic of a 6A rock star. He gives 110% and impresses us every day with his hard work and positive attitude. Keep your great work, Tethloach. Great things are in store for you.


6B: Juan Serrano Contreras


Congratulations to Juan Serrano Contreras, our Student of the Week.  Juan is a good example of "This Is It" because he focuses on succeeding at school when he is in the classroom.  He is also kind to students and staff members at HMS.  Juan, your teachers have noticed your success and want to say thanks for doing the right thing! 


Students of the Week 9/29/2017

8A: Jackie Ground
We are very happy to have this student around,
She's got the greatest smile, pound for pound,
Her work is done well and turned in, safe and sound
She more fun to be with then a merry-go-round.
Jackie Ground is our 8A Diamond of the week!


8B: Carly Norlen
Our 8B Champion is truly TOP NOTCH!
Carly Norlen, we have noticed you!
We appreciate your quiet leadership,
your positive attitude,
and the effort that you always give!
We are so lucky we get to work with you, Carly!


7A: Lindsay Amaya
The 7A Dragon of the Week is simply sweet.
Having her in class is a total treat.
Her smile lights up the room.
Being around her is happier than my favorite cartoon.
She has a heart of gold.
Being her teacher will never get old.
Congrats Lindsey Amaya, you are simply the best.
With you, we are completely impressed!


7B: Titus Shafer
We are proud to call our Unicorn one quick racer
He has a kind heart and will do those in need a favor.
He'll go far in life, possibly even scale a glacier
We appreciate his dedication for he is a doer and a maker.
Congratulations, our Titus Shafer


6A: Student of the week is DRAKE ANDERSON!
Congratulations to Drake Anderson, the 6A student of the week. Drake takes his school work seriously and is always a great addition to our classes. We notice that his smile is as wonderful as his attitude. Thanks, Drake, for being you.


6B: Cara Ansbach
Cara is a student who shows many of the 8-Keys. The teachers of 6B all agree that she Speaks with Good Purpose, and she also shows Commitment by doing well in her classes. Cara is a respectful 6th grader to her peers and teachers. For these reasons, 6B has named Cara Ansbach the Student of the Week. Keep up the good work, Cara!