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    This year, Longfellow Elementary will have a walk to school day once a month as part of its Wellness and Character initiative.  All staff, students and parents or guardians are welcomed to participate.  For our first walk to… read more

  • Wellness and Character image

    On Monday morning Longfellow Elementary welcomed back performance artist and educator Fax Gilbert to speak to the students about health and wellness as part of a new Wellness and Character initiative.  The program seeks to help… read more

  • Total Solar Eclipse image

    Fortunately for our students, Hastings happened to fall inside the path of totality for the rare total solar eclipse of Aug. 21st, 2017.  Pictured below, spectacled students and staff enjoy the show.       read more

  • Working on Our Wellness image

    Now that our new wellness policy has been approved by the board, we are continuing on the journey to establish strong wellness communities in each building of the Hastings Public Schools. A special thank you to all of those… read more

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