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HPS Tech Help

If you need help with your computer

and your home school is:

Alcott - call 402-461-7580 and ask for Matthew

Hawthorne - call 402-461-7540 and ask for Lupe

Lincoln - call 402-461-7589 and ask for Mary Lee

Longfellow - call 402-461-7584 and ask for Josh

Watson - call 402-461-7593 and ask for Amy Hamburger

HMS - call 402-461-7520 and let them know your issue

HHS - call 402-461-7550 and ask for Alex Aldrich

Email or leave a message for our HPS Tech Help Crew at 402-461-7663

For other questions or concerns regarding eLearning, contact

How to login to your Chromebook with Google login and password


how to log into chromebook