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Congratulations, Mr. Kerr!!

Hastings Public Schools is proud to announce that our 2019 Educator of the Year, Mr. Robert Kerr, has been named a 2020 Award of Excellence Recipient by the Nebraska Department of Education.  Mr. Kerr was one of four finalists for the Nebraska Teacher of the Year Award.

Mr. Kerr, a history teacher at Hastings Senior High, has taught in Hastings Public Schools for 33 years, all of which have been at the Senior High.  He has a Masters in European History and Literature from Hastings College and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in History.

On his Hastings Educator of the Year application, Mr. Kerr stated, “I love it when the bell rings just as I’m getting to a key point in a lecture in my A.P. class and I hear students react by exclaiming, “Why did the bell have to ring now?” In other words, they have to wait two more days until they hear how the story ends. That enthusiasm and desire to learn makes my day and keeps them coming back with an interest in the subject.”