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Future sportscasters get their start with Hastings Tigers image

Future sportscasters get their start with Hastings Tigers

Article and photo Courtesy of WATCH HEREJack and Demetrios on NTV

Future sportscasters on track for stardom

In the news industry, we're always looking for the up–and–coming, the next great broadcasters.

For my own job security, I hope NTV waits until these two young men at least graduate from college.

Meet Jack Ortegren and Demetrios Theoharis. 10–year–old boys from Hastings who don't just have goals of becoming a sportscaster in the future, but are already practicing the trade.

"I usually say scored by someone and Jack just does play by play" Demetrios told NTV's Ashia Aubrey.

They started an online broadcast called the cube. It's a web based sportscast where you can see the games from your laptop, tablet or phone.

"It's been really fun to see what these guys have done and how they just are so natural and easy going with it," adds Pete, the father of Demetrios. "I know, at 10–years–old, I would have been nervous beyond belief to be broadcasting a game that other people are watching."

Having a career in the sports industry is something they both want to do in the future.

"You can tell they've watched a lot of sports," said Jack's father, Kirk. "I think that's the thing that comes through because they both know the stats and they both know the game and they've also heard a lot of announcing because they both know what to say."

Jack actually got his start in sportscasting by doing stats for the Tiger softball team.

"I think it's fun to know all of the plays and what they do in the stats and keep up on the games," Jack mentioned to Aubrey.

So if you're ever at a Hastings High game and you see the two miniature sportscasters up in the press box, pull out your phone and follow along on The Cube.

If you have the chance, check out one of their recent calls. It gets extremely fun around the 1:08;00 mark!