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Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer

Students and families, 

Starting in April 2022, Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) benefits will be issued to eligible students. Families do not need to apply for these benefits. Benefits will be issued to students who have been:

  • Determined eligible for free or reduced-price school meals by application or directly certified through SNAP, TANF or Medicaid eligibility for school years 2020-21, or 2021-22,   AND
  • Experience a COVID-related absence for any period even if less than five days.
    Three benefit levels have been established for P-EBT benefit issuance based on the duration of the eligible student’s COVID-related absence*. Students will continue to be issued benefits on a monthly basis and will receive one of three amounts based on their number of absence days within that month.

The benefit levels are as follows:

  • Students with 0.1 – 5.99 COVID-related absence days* will receive $21 for that month.
  • Students with 6 – 15.99 COVID-related absence days* will receive $71 for that month.
  • Students with 16+ COVID-related absence days* will receive $121 for that month.

*A COVID-Related absence can be school-directed or parent-directed. Eligible students that are not physically present in the classroom can still qualify for P-EBT benefits even if they are remote learners.

Our district will submit student eligibility data to the Nebraska Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services. 

The benefit issuance schedule is as follows:

April 20 - August, September, & October Benefits Issued

May 19 - November, December & January Benefits Issued

June 16 - February & March Benefits Issued

August 16 - April & May Benefits Issued

Information on how to use the cards will be issued with the cards. Additional information on the P-EBT assistance program can be found on USDA’s website and the DHHS EBT webpage. 

If you have questions about your student’s eligibility, please contact our district at (402) 461-7500.

If you have questions about P-EBT cards and funds, please contact DHHS at DHHS. or 800-383-4278 or 402-471-9043.