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School Calendar Review

Every two years, the District engages in a comprehensive review of the school calendar to create the calendar for the next two years.

Here are three versions for your thinking and feedback. Version A is very similar to the current calendar approved by the Board of Education. Version B and Version C have significant revisions. A comparison of all three is also attached for your convenience.

Please provide your feedback at this link, NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 17

The form asks for what you like about each version, allows you to submit a different option, as well as select your preference. Following feedback, revisions may be made before presenting to the Board. Whichever version is adopted by the Board of Education will be used as the model for both the 2018 – 19 and 2019 – 20 School Years. No prioritization was given to any calendar—the designation of “Version A” or “Version B” or "Version C" is simply for ease of identification. 

Thank you for your feedback, and please contact Dr. Chad Dumas with any questions you may have.