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Weather Protocols

HPS Parents, Guardians, and Staff Members:
Given the events that took place last week in Eastern Nebraska, we wanted to communicate with you about the protocol that HPS would use if storm warnings are issued at or around the time of dismissal.  

Please see the procedures below:

  • Thunderstorm Watch or Tornado Watch - Students will be released at regular dismissal.
  • Thunderstorm Warning - Students will be released using discretion of direct impact.
  • Tornado Warning - In alignment with our Standard Response Protocol (SRP), students and staff would take shelter and not be released until the tornado warning is canceled. Any changes to this plan due to the duration of the tornado warning will be communicated via the School Messenger system through emails and the HPS APP.

As the parent/guardian, it is your choice if you wish to pick up your student but you would need to do so by checking into the office and signing them out.  Please realize that if we are in a tornado warning and there are signs that we could face a direct impact, there may not be anyone at the door to let you in or to answer a phone as we may have all students and adults in shelter based on the circumstance we are faced with.  Please know our first priority will be to keep students and staff members safe.  Of course, we would allow parents and guardians to shelter with us as long as we are able to be present at entrances.  Again, circumstances could be so dangerous that we are not able to be at entrances to let people in or answer the phones.

It is our hope that knowing these procedures can help you when making decisions during uncertain situations.