Check out our Foundation DONOR WALL!! image

Check out our Foundation DONOR WALL!!

Visit our DONOR WALL!
We want YOUR name on the Wall as soon as possible!

The Hastings Public Schools Foundation Donor Wall is located in the lobby of the
Hastings Senior High Auditorium. This permanently installed wall is dedicated
to the many donors who Extend the Horizon of Opportunity to students in the
Hastings Public Schools. Your contributions are important to the HPS Foundation.


    Wood/Metal Plaque Giving Levels:

         ___ $ 5,000                  ___ $ 75,000
         ___ $ 10,000                ___ $ 100,000
         ___ $ 15,000                ___ $ 150,000
         ___ $ 20,000                ___ $ 200,000
         ___ $ 35,000                ___ $ 250,000
         ___ $ 50,000                ___ Other

A contribution of $5,000 or more is required for a donor to have an individual
wood/metal plaque permanently placed on the Donor Wall. The Wall 
will be updated yearly. If, in a future year, a donor meets the qualification for the
next level of giving, the donor’s name-plate will be removed and an upgraded
name-plate will be installed to honor the donor’s new level of giving.
As a donor’s giving levels rises, the wood/metal plaque installed to honor
the donor increases in size and prominence.

*Donors who make cumulative contributions totaling $1,000 to $4,999 are honored by having their names on a separate group placard, which has been installed in the High School Auditorium Lobby.

 donor wall