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Planned Giving: Your Legacy?

legacy brochure front page jpgWhat will be your Legacy?

Planned giving is a way to provide a special kind of gift to the Hastings Public Schools Foundation, which may be advantageous both to you and your descendants, to the Foundation, and ultimately to children in the Hastings Public Schools. Give a gift that will enhance and shape the future for years to come.
There are many ways to accomplish this goal. This brochure lists a number of possibilities, depending on your circumstances and needs. We welcome you to review our planned giving strategies. In addition, if you desire, the HPS Foundation is here to help you choose a special project or need that your legacy will support for years to come; or you may decide to enhance the Foundation’s General Endowment which provides ongoing funds to support a variety of special needs on a yearly basis.
We suggest that you also contact your attorney who can provide advice, set you in the right direction, and provide the legal work necessary to accomplish your goals. Depending on your particular planned giving choices, your attorney may request our tax identification number, which we will be happy to provide.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at 402-461-7564 or e-mail the Foundation at .

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Strategies for Planned Giving
What Can be Accomplished Through Various
Charitable Trusts?

A Charitable Gift Annuity Trust provides you with a supplemental income of fixed annual payments: For a dependable income during your retirement years that will also support the work of the Hastings Public Schools Foundation in future years, consider this strategy: Provide a charitable gift of $25,000 to the HPS Foundation. Based on your age at the time of the gift, you will receive an annual percentage rate in the range of 4% or more for the remainder of your life. This would amount to at least $1,000 or more each year. You will also receive an income tax deduction in the year the contribution is made of approximately $7,000 if you itemize. After your lifetime, the remaining amount of your gift will be used to support the work of the HPS Foundation to extend opportunities to HPS students for years to come.
Talk to your attorney or financial advisor. They may be able to provide answers to your estate planning issues that will surprise you!

Give us a call. Let us point out how your gift can make an important difference in the lives of students!

A Charitable Remainder Unitrust is similar to the Annuity Trust, but the annual payments are not fixed.
A Charitable Remainder Unitrust creates a hedge against inflation into the future. If you have built up a sizeable estate and would like reliable regular payments as a result of a unitrust gift, this plan might be right for you. Strategy: Provide a charitable gift to the HPS Foundation, knowing that your unitrust will pay you a variable amount based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets. The annual payments are recalculated annually. The value of your payments will increase or decrease depending on the annual value of the trust. For example, if you might provide a gift of $500,000 with a 6% annual payment dependent on the market value of the trust assets each year. Your first payment would be $30,000 and then vary in future years, depending on the increase or decrease in value of the original assets. In addition, in the first year, you would be eligible for approximately a $275,000 tax deduction if you were in the 33% tax bracket, dependent on the income earned that year.

A Charitable Remainder Annuity
Trust can provide a secure fixed and
often increased income for you now
and in your retirement years!

A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust provides a secure fixed and often increased income. A Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust allows a donor(s) to transfer already highly appreciated assets into the trust which are then sold with no tax liability, thus increasing the value of the assets. The proceeds are then reinvested to generate income for the donor. The donor then receives a tax deduction based on IRS rules. The Annuity Trust pays a fixed percentage of the trust assets (minimum 5%) as income to the donor(s). This income is paid regardless of the performance of the investment. At the death of the donor(s), the remaining assets are received by the charity. As an added incentive, a portion of the annuity income can be used to purchase a life insurance policy in the amount of the gifted assets. At the death of the donor(s), the insurance policy proceeds are received 100% tax free by the policy beneficiaries.

Janet Hibbs-Jones

Janet Hibbs-Jones has chosen to
include the Hastings Public Schools
Foundation in her estate planning as
a way to show her appreciation for the
Hastings Public Schools and the great
community of Hastings.

I had a great teaching career in the Hastings Public Schools and felt honored to be asked and selected to take a position as a principal.
I enjoyed being a member of the Foundation Board of Directors all those years, and it has been gratifying to see it grow and thrive in recent years. Also, Jack and I thought our two children got a good K-12 education at HPS. So by gifting I can show my appreciation for all that I received. Having resided in Hastings for over 50 years, I consider it a great place to live .... it has so much to offer in so many areas. I will also be gifting to some of those organizations that help make it a great community.

Reduce gift and estate taxes through a
Charitable Lead Trust . . .

A Charitable Lead Trust reduces gift and estate taxes on assets you pass on to your
heirs. A charitable lead trust involves a trust that makes an initial payment to a charity for a specific term of years, or for a life or lives in the beginning. At the termination of the specified time period, the trust distributes its remaining assets back to the donors or members of the donor’s family or other individuals. Gift and estate tax implications are dependent on initial choices made by the donor(s) of a charitable lead trust. These choices can best be determined by an attorney.

Other Giving Devices

A Life Insurance Gift of a paid-up policy, providing a large gift at little or no
additional cost to you.
A Bequest in a Will or Living Trust provides a deferred gift to the Foundation
after your lifetime.
A Retirement Plan Gift allows you to avoid the twofold taxation on retirement
plan assets.
A Real Estate Gift allows you to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of a home
or other real estate.
An Outright Gift of Appreciated Property allows you to make a quick and
easy tax-deductible gift to the Foundation.
An Outright Gift of Cash, Stocks, or Bonds to the Foundation is immediately
tax deductible.

♦Call us for more information!

♦Make a habit of giving generously to the
Hastings Public Schools Foundation.

♦Make Planned Giving a part of your estate planning.
Contact your attorney soon.

♦REMEMBER: A gift to education is a gift that keeps on giving!

Have we answered your

The Hastings Public Schools Foundation encourages you to consider a planned gift to the Foundation. Your gift will provide many opportunities for children and youths in the Hastings Public Schools for many years to come.

When you give a lasting gift to the Foundation, your legacy lives on in perpetuity. The wonderful gift of education stays with a child for a lifetime and his or her many accomplishments become, in part, your accomplishments. Your legacy through your support of education, after all, lives on in each child's mind and heart. Let a part of you live on in future generations of children and youths who obtain educations your gift will help support. Having read this brochure, if you still have questions contact your attorney or simply contact us!

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