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Picturing Success

The Hastings Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors is extremely proud of our 4-year scholarships and the students who receive this support over a four-year period. Sharing their progress with you, our readers, is one way that we can honor these scholars, share their successes, and provide examples of why the HPS Foundation scholarship program is so important. Finally the Foundation believes that this is another way to thank the donors who support our entire scholarship program.

Class of 2017


Cole ShardelowThank you for accepting me as an Ardyce Bohlke Scholar. This scholarship is a huge help when it comes to furthering my education in college and any possible future schooling I might complete.
My first year of college was a huge success for me personally and academically. My initial career path during first semester was geared towards becoming a scientific researcher in physics, but towards the end of fall I realized that it didn't appeal to me as much as I thought it would. This led me to switching from a physics major to double majoring in math and philosophy with a minor in communication studies in my second semester. While this combination of majors seemed strange to many of my friends and family, I chose this combination because the writing and critical thinking in both would help me towards my new career path, which is now law. I chose the minor of communications not only to help me with a skill I can use throughout life, but also due to my participation in the UNL Speech & Debate Team. This activity made up the bulk of my time during school (besides studying), as we competed for 6 months of the academic year. Through it, I was able to advocate for issues I truly care about, make new friends from across the country, and be a part of the twelfth best team in the nation at the national tournament. Besides speech, the other activity I poured the rest of my time into was working at the Center for Civic Engagement at UNL's Union. While there, I worked as a tax transmitter for a program called VITA, which provides free appointments for families in the Lincoln community to help file their taxes. This opportunity was a very rewarding experience in terms of helping others in the community and gave me huge insight into the many community programs I could be involved in at UNL next year.
Finally, I was recognized on the Dean's List for both semesters, which I was very excited about. Again, thank you for this scholarship and the amazing opportunities it has helped provide me.
Cole Shardelow


Class of 2016


 Alex KleinjanAlex Kleinjan

I would like to express my greatest appreciation to the Hastings Public Schools Foundation for its generous award which has helped provide so many great opportunities for me at Grinnell. Last year, I tried to get the most out of college life: I participated in the school’s debate union and was able to debate at the University of California, Berkeley; I played in the school’s jazz band and orchestra in 8 concerts throughout the year; and I was able to earn a 4.0 GPA while working for 12 hours per week. I plan to maintain these grades next year as I pursue a major in English, a goal toward which I have already made considerable progress.

My first semester, I had a blast in English class. “English 121: Intro to Shakespeare” featured in-depth discussion of the Bard and a field trip to view an original copy of Shakespeare’s 1623 First Folio in an exhibit at the University of Iowa! I also studied Latin, where my professor told me I was the best in the class, and Political Science, where I wrote my final essay using what I had learned to explain the 2016 election. My “tutorial” class covered African American Literary ties to Russian Intellectualism, and through it I met new friends and my excellent advisor, Professor Greene. This class satisfied my major’s requirement of  a four-credit humanities course.

My second semester, I tackled the challenge of the higher-level English 226, an intensive reading and writing seminar-style course covering modernism in 20th century England and Ireland. Though the course load was challenging (with more than a novel per week of reading), I was able to keep pace with students in their second, third, and fourth years and discovered such great reads as Mrs. Dalloway and The Playboy of the Western World. I was excited for Humanities 140, a survey of European Literature, Philosophy, and Art from the Renaissance to the early modern era. This class featured good literature (such as The Inferno), good discussions, and good food during showings of  The Tempest and The Agony and the Ecstasy at our professor’s house. I also learned a lot about Judaism in an introductory religious studies course and completed a second semester of latin, satisfying my major’s foreign language requirement.

My studies will continue next semester with the much sought-after (I was waitlisted!) English 205: “The Craft of Fiction.” I am also excited for a short course next spring on the special topic of “Horror and Weird Fiction,” which will feature Edgar Allan Poe and H.P.  Lovecraft. I am also taking Calculus II, a computer science course, and a humanities course in the coming semester.

In addition to my work last year, Grinnell has awarded me credit for all six of the dual-credit college classes I completed during my time at Hastings High School. This has effectively put me almost a full year ahead toward graduation: Grinnell’s academic policy specifies my 60 credits as ‘“normal scholarly progress‘ for a student completing his or her second year. I plan to spend my fourth year of college pursuing a second major such as history or political science, as well as a minor or (possibly) two. I am excited to return to Grinnell this fall.

Alex Kleinjan

 Zoey CookZoey Cook

In my first year at Creighton University I was able to achieve many of my goals both academically and in extracurricular programs. I took a variety of classes including biology (macro and micro), chemistry, Spanish, philosophy, anthropology, and a composition course. My intended majors are biology and Spanish on the pre-medicine track. These classes fulfilled the requirements for these majors as well as the requirements for my core curriculum as Creighton is a liberal arts college. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes. At one point during my first semester I thought about switching my major to sociology and social work, but when I got closer to the end of the semester I realized that biology is where my heart belongs. My classes for the fall 2017 semester are genetics, organic chemistry, medical Spanish, psychology, and calculus for the biological sciences. I am excited for this next semester and for my classes.

            I became involved in multiple clubs throughout my first year. I was involved in a living-learning community called Freshman Leadership Program. This program consisted of 30 girls and 30 boys, we lived on the same floor together and we took the composition class together. We had a seminar every Tuesday where distinguished leaders from the Omaha area came and spoke to us about their leadership style and what molded their experiences. We had the president of Creighton speak to us, as well as leaders from Boystown, Open Door Mission, and many others. I enjoyed these seminars and I was able to learn a lot and shape my leadership style. I also joined a club called MEDLIFE. We do service both in the Omaha community and worldwide. I was not able to go on the Spring Break trip but some of the other members went to Nicaragua to help with clinics in rural and marginalized areas. We did service at a local homeless shelter. I was so passionate about the mission of MEDLIFE that I applied to be on the executive team and I was given a position. I joined another club called Circle K International which is a volunteering club. We are associated with the Kiwanis club and we met a few times a month to learn about service activities and then we would go into the community and do those projects. We made meals, interacted with people at homeless shelters, cleaned up parks, and completed other service projects. I was also very passionate about this club and I am now an executive team member of Circle K.

            Overall, my first year at Creighton was very successful and I was able to join clubs and not only be a member of them but I am now able to have a hand in running these clubs. I performed well academically and I have a combined GPA of 3.71. I am glad I chose to come to Creighton University as all of my professors have been wonderful and because over half of the freshman class came in as pre-med, there are a lot of opportunities for me to excel in my area of study.

Zoey Cook


Class of 2015 

Sam RothSam Roth

Johnson Family Scholarship 2015

My name is Sam Roth and I am a 2015 recipient of the Hastings Public Schools Foundation Scholarship. I am entering my senior year as an athletic training major at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. In my first year as an athletic training student, I worked with Lincoln Southwest High School, Nebraska Track & Field, Nebraska Women’s Soccer, and Nebraska Football. I spent my entire Junior year working with the Nebraska football team and recently completed a summer internship with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League. As a senior, I will work with the Nebraska Men’s Basketball team. I plan to pursue a doctorate of physical therapy after completing my undergraduate degree and becoming a certified athletic trainer. I am in the process of applying to several physical therpy schools, and will hopefully have a decision to make this winter. I am looking forward to furthering my education and a career of service to follow. These dreams and achievements have all been possible to fulfill partly because of the contributions that the Hastings Public Schools Foundation have made to my education. I am extremely grateful for that and I know that this foundation will continue to impact the lives of many, many young men and women. Go tigers!

Sam Roth



Ryder MaysRyder Mays

Thank you for your continuing support of my education.  This letter is my yearly update for the Ardyce Bohlke Memorial Scholarship.  I am still attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I am beginning my sophomore year.  I am continuing my English major, while also exploring the possibility of a second major or a minor in either Actuarial Science or Political Science.  My cumulative GPA after my first year is 3.930.

Again, thank you so much for this scholarship and for your support of my education.

Ryder Mays



Class of 2014

Alaethea RemmersAlaethea Remmers


I graduated this Spring, summa cum laude, with my B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a minor in Psychology, from Fort Hays State University. This past year, I had the opportunity to do clinical work at a local preschool in addition to my academic class work. I also represented my university as a captain and member of the Tiger Deb dance team.  I will be attending graduate school this fall, also at FHSU, in pursuit of a master's degree in Speech and Language Pathology.

I want to thank the HPS Foundation for their support, not only financially but also for their continual encouragement and kind words over the past three years. I am so appreciative of this organization and all you have done for me. I'm excited about my academic future and I could not be where I am today without the support I have received from Hastings Public Schools and the Foundation. Thank you again for everything!! 

Alaethea Remmers


Kiara Carson
Kiara Carson

This past school year was very enjoyable for me.  I had the opportunity to serve my choir as student conductor and section leader.  I will continue serving in those positions this school year as well.  This past year I also took one of my favorite classes thus far.  This class focused on Latin American short stories.  It was so fascinating and educational to read short stories, as well as a novel, in Spanish, by famous Latin American authors.  I look forward to taking the final Spanish class of my undergraduate career this following semester.

This will be my final year of classes before I begin my student teaching, which I am greatly looking forward to.  Your support throughout my education has meant so much to me!  Thankyou again for investing in me and my education.


Kiara Carson