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Alcott Photo Album

Alcott School Activities 2018-2019

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Third and fifth graders playin chess.


Alcott's 5th graders at the soil festival.


The 4th Grade at the Oregon Trail Rodeo

At the Alcott Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Superintendent Craig Kautz,  Board of Education President Jim Boeve and Aclott's new principal Charla Brant welcome parents, students, and community members to the newly rennovated Alcott Elementary School.  After the ribbon-cutting, attendees were invited to tour the school and speak with staff.

Alcott School Activities 2017-2018


The 2nd graders at the Stuhr Museum


The 3rd graders at the Stuhr Museum.

The 5th graders learning about the soil.

The 5th graders learning about safety in agriculture jobs.” width=

The 4th graders exercising and learning about nutrition.


The 1st graders at the Stuhr Museum


The 5th Graders at Nebraska's Largest Classroom

The 4th Graders at the Rodeo

Alcott School Activities 2016-2017


The 4th and 5th Grades at the Track Meet


The 3rd Grade Tours Hastings

Scott Bryant from the National Weather Service visits the 4th grade students.


4th grade students make a short visit to the Oregon Trail

Senator Halloran of the Nebraska Legislature visits with Alcott's 4th grade.

5th grade students learn about the Civil War at the Stuhr Museum

5th grade students learn Earth sciences at Hastings Museum


4th grade students learn about Nebraska's past at Hastings Museum.


The 2nd Grade at Hastings Museum


4th grade students visit an old schoolhouse at the Stuhr Museum

The 5th grade at Ag Safety Day

4th Grade students learn about physical fitness


The 5th Grade at the Earth Jamboree

5th grade students learn about soil and agriculture


5th grade students enjoy a day at the fair

4th grade students learn about the rodeo