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Future Problem Solvers

The Future Problem Solvers will begin meeting next week to solve challenges related to the Mission to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond.  The 6th grade students will meet at 7:15 am on Wednesday.  The 7th and 8th grade students will meet at 7:15 am on Friday.  This year's Future Problem Solvers are:

Kaitlyn Drake

Moses Rhodes

Keira Erickson

Avery Lowther

Rebekah Muske

Isaac Kelley

Landon Hartman

Demetrios Theoharis

Braydon Power

Braden Ochsner

Abigail Fielder

Mary Howie

Kelyn Henry-Perlich

Lainey Benson

Shaylee Knott

Logan Hinkle

Abhinav Srivastava

Zac Wilson

Kevin Vuong

Elianna Robbins

JJ Hamburger

Hunter Bradshaw

Raena Northrup