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School Supply List

**ALL STUDENTS will need 2 book covers (all books must be covered).  Book covers for math books need to be the JUMBO SIZE.  Please do not purchase the adhesive-bond covers as it leaves residue on the books that is difficult to remove.  No wheeled backpacks, as they do not fit in the lockers.


Notebook or folders (whichever preferred by student)
Pens, pencils
1-2 Highlighters
3-5 Highlighters (Math)
Box colored pencils
Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Calculator (Algebra students only)
Box tissues for homeroom
2 Composition books
3 Ring binder
1” 3-ring binder, 2 packages of pencils, 1 college ruled spiral notebook (100 pgs. or more), 2 packages of notecards, pink, yellow, green highlighters.  These supplies will be left in the English classroom.
1” 3-ring binder for Reading
1 college ruled composition notebook, brown paper grocery bag,
3 glue sticks (Science)

7th Grade

2” 3 ring binder (Science)
1/2"-1” 3 ring binder w/ pockets (Social Studies)
3 composition notebooks (Science, Math ELO, English)
2 spiral notebooks that are 3-hole punched & fit in binders (Math, Music)
1 pocket folder (Reading-will stay in room)
Loose-leaf paper (Reading, English, Social Studies, Explore Reading)
1 pocket folder (Social Studies)
1 pocket folder and 1 notebook (World Cultures)
Pack of highlighters- (green, pink, & yellow- English)
2 highlighters (Reading)
Pencils and pens
Colored pencils
2 boxes of Kleenex
200- 3x5 white notecards
Expo/White Board markers


Pencils (NEW set each quarter)
College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper (replenish as needed)
Pencil bag with zipper
10 Red checking pens
Thin, water-based markers (NO PERMANENT MARKERS)
Colored pencils
4 spiral notebooks
4 Composition notebooks
2 boxes of Kleenex
Trapper with zipper
2 extra large book covers
1 pocket folder and 1 notebook (World Cultures)   
Expo/Whiteboard markers

*Please replenish as needed, EACH QUARTER 

*Earbuds/headphones (optional)- for students taking Math ELO