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School Supply Lists


Notebook or folders (whichever preferred by student)
Pens, pencils
1-2 Highlighters
3-5 Highlighters (Math)
Box colored pencils
Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS Calculator (Algebra students only)
Box tissues for homeroom
2 Composition books
3 Ring binder
1" 3-ring binder, 2 packages of pencils, 1 college ruled spiral notebook (100 pgs. or more), 2 packages of notecards, 1 note card ring, pink, yellow, green highlighters. These supplies will be left in the English classroom.
1" 3-ring binder for Reading
1 college ruled notebook, 1 composition notebook, folder, 1 package of notecards, 3 gluesticks (Science)

7th Grade
2" 3 ring binder (Science)
4 composition notebooks (Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math ELO)
2 spiral notebooks that are 3-hole punched & fit in binders (Math, Music)
1 pocket folder (Reading-will stay in room)
Loose-leaf paper (Reading, English)
1 pocket folder (Social Studies)
Pack of highlighters- (green, pink, & yellow- English)
2 highlighters (Reading)
Pencils and pens
Colored pencils
2 boxes of Kleenex
1 glue stick and small scissors (Reading)
100- 3x5 white notecards
Expo/White Board markers

Pencils (NEW set each quarter)
Pencil bag with zipper
10 Red checking pens
Thin, water-based markers (NO PERMANENT MARKERS)
Colored pencils
4 spiral notebooks(1 each for Math, Reading, Music, & Explore Reading)
5 Composition notebooks(SS, Science, English, Reading, Math ELO)
2 boxes of Kleenex
Trapper with zipper
2 extra large book covers
1-pocket folder (Linguistics)
College-ruled loose-leaf notebook paper

*Please replenish as needed, EACH QUARTER

*Earbuds/headphones (optional)- for students taking Math ELO

ALL STUDENTS will need 2 book covers (all books must be covered). Book covers for math books need to be the JUMBO SIZE. Please do not purchase the adhesive-bond covers as it leaves residue on the books that is difficult to remove. No wheeled backpacks, as they do not fit in the lockers.