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Triathlete winner speaks to students.

On February 23rd, triathlete and teacher Audrey Jensen came and spoke to Hawthorne students at an afternoon assembly. Ms. Jensen took on her first triathlon in 2014.  It involved a 500-meter swim, a 14-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile run. She won that triathlon and continued to compete in more.  She showed students her numerous trophies and medals along with her bike.  She emphasized how important it is to "try, try again" and "never give up!" Thank you, Audrey, for taking time to talk to our students about doing your best, even when it's hard!  More photos can be seen here!

Audrey Jensen 

Before the guest speaker, Mrs. Kelly rewarded some students who were caught with 'tree'mendous behavior over the past several weeks.  Students who showed kindness and good behavior received a green triangle with their name.  These triangles were then used together to create 'tree'mendous trees!