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PTO Minutes

Hawthorne Elementary PTO Meeting

March 7, 2016 7:00 PM

Called to Order by President Tracy Harling at 3:37 PM

PTO Members Present: Tracy, April, Aimee


Approval of January Minutes: Motioned by April White, Seconded.

Treasurer's Report: $1782.69 profit from Book Fair. Checking Balance $15,919.98-we feel this prepares us for next year's transition as a lot of materials may be needed. Tax ID Number-looks like this would be easy to get.

Mrs. Kelly's Report: Not present, in a meeting.

Old News:

New News: Storm Hockey February 26th. Assembly February 12th. Tickets are $10, free kids. We will get $2 back per ticket. Tracy may see if some Student Council Members that are going would want to man raffle table for 30 minute shifts.

Eileen's Fundraiser: March 21st/22nd present to students, turn in around April 6th.

Valentine's Party: Notes went out today for volunteers.

5th Grade Graduation: Notes to go out after Valentine's day is over. April will include a list of what is needed.

Yearbook: Passed out the pages Shelly Leon has put together. Members present liked design.

Paige Raitt: Requested book purchase of $75.88 for purchase of 65 Kindergarten books for Orientation March 3rd. Approved, will fund either through book order credit or PTO account.

Meeting adjourned at 3:56 PM.

Submitted by Aimee Chipps

January 4, 2016 7:00 PM

Called to Order by President Tracy Harling at 7:00 PM

PTO Members Present: Stoney Straatman, Brooke Day, Laura Lavaley, Wendy Propp, Tracy Harling, April White, Aimee Chipps

Guests: None

Approval of November Minutes: Motioned by Brooke Day, Seconded.

Treasurer's Report: We are sitting good.

Mrs. Kelly's Report: Absent

Old News:

New News: Changing Book Fair night to January 26th (4-8) pending Mrs. Kelly's approval. Little Caesar's is not able to bring their truck here on Thursday nights. Kickoff will be the night we serve pizza (Tuesday). We may have kids fill out a slip that says "I bought a book" with name and classroom, have contest and classroom with most kids will get a pizza party on Friday. Mon/Tues at school will be the preview. All proceeds go back to library (will advertise this fact.) Potential hours are Tuesday 4-8, Wednesday 8-3, Thursday 12-6

Valentine's Class Parties: Sending out sheets again. Next year will have official Room Parents and Room Parent Chair to hopefully make parties run smoother.

Storm Hockey: Friday, February 26th, selling adult tickets with kids free. Tracy is working on price. There was an issue with seating last time and Tracy had to do a lot of work placing people in seats so we will try to work around that. Possibly have one Hawthorne section. We will bring Stormy in to school.

Spring Fundraiser: Kickoff March 21st or 22nd, Eileen's. We will hand out before we leave for Easter so they can sell over Easter. Turn in around April 6th.

5th Grade Graduation: Should we try 4th grade parents again or go back to 5th grade parents doing planning and serving? Last year we were not able to get any 4th grade parents.

Fundraising Ideas: School movie night @ a theatre? Walk-A-Thon: Brooke Day presented information about a possible Walk-a-Thon. If we went this route, we would possibly be only doing the Walk-a-Thon, replacing all other fundraisers.

Yearbook: Report from Brooke Day. Shelly is designing all the pages. Preorder-end of March.

Dad's Idea: Dads & Doughnuts, Watchdogs-Do we want to explore one of these options to replace the previous event where Dads served lunch for Valentine's Day?

Funding Request: April White requesting iPad ALL program. $79.99 one time purchase and can be used with as many kids as we need. This program would be for students coming in with limited language skills. The request was approved.

Tax ID Number: Has been brought up in the past. It was noted that Watson PTO has just gone through the process and Matt Baack drew up the papers for them so we will possibly talk to them for more information about this and report back at the next meeting.

Box tops/Allen's receipts: Due soon. Will find submission date.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 PM.

Submitted by Aimee Chipps