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Nutrition Education Program

Lincoln Elementary School is participating in a Walmart Healthy Habits grant in conjunction with the Nutrition Education Staff.  This grant program funded by Walmart encourages youth and their families to take action to improve their dietary choices and to increase physical fitness.  Each student in the Nutrition after school program receives two recipes and a grocery bag of food to prepare at home.

The 4th grade after school students, that just finished up their session, received ingredients for Spaghetti Pie and Taco Twist. 

The students prepared the Taco Twist recipe so they knew how to make it. 

The 5th grade Nutrition class begins on March 6th. and runs through April 10th.

They meet on Tuesdays after school from 3:30pm to 4:15pm 

The students will be receiving sign-up sheets soon.

Contact person for this program is Deb Unterseher with the Nutrition Education Program