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Reading Club 2017/2018

Reading Club meets in the first semester with 5th Graders and second semester with 4th Graders.

Dates and Times are posted on the School Calendar and on the Announcement Page while in session.

Reading Club for 5th grade read books independently, shared what they were reading with each other, read a Choose Your Own Adventure book, and played word games to improve our thinking skills.

Reading Club for 4th grade has been doing activities with Ethnic & Minority Educators 4 A Legacy (EME4L). Three men who want to impact students and get them thinking about going into education are sharing literature with minority themes. We will read The Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pe?a, Baseball Saved Us by Ken Mochizuki, Everybody Eats Rice by Norah Dooley, and other stories. We read and discuss those stories one week and the next week Mrs. Dart and Ms. Rundell plan an art-infused activities related to the book.

Contact person for the Reading Club is  Ms. Rundell