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Red Ribbon Week October 28th to Nov 1st Activities image

Red Ribbon Week October 28th to Nov 1st Activities


Red Ribbon Week Lincoln Drug-Free Pledge

Because I take care of myself...

I pledge that I will not use tobacco,

Or alcohol, or other harmful drugs.

I know I will be stronger

If I am drug free.

I also pledge to help my friends

Stay away from drugs,

ALL TOGETHER we are strong:

We Say "NO"

Daily Themes

Monday 28th -    "Don't Let Drugs Mix You Up"   -   Wear Mis-Matched Clothes

        Tuesday 29th -     "Be All You Can Be: DRUG FREE"   -   Wear Military/Camo,

Wednesday 30th- "Double Up Against Drugs"   -   Find a friend or two and dress alike

         Thursday 31st - "Team Up Against Drugs"   -  Wear your favorite team's jersey or shirt

Friday November 1st - "Red-y to Live a Drug Free Life"   -   Wear as much red as you can

On Friday , November 1st, Lion's Leadership Students will lead us in a Drug Free March around the school. Families are encouraged to join.  Meet us at the flagpole at 2:50pm. Wear RED

Other Activities through out the week: Door Decorating Contest, Prizes for the class with the most participation for each day, Best dressed student with the theme for the day, Banners for classrooms to sign for the march on Friday. Poster Contest if student wants to participate.

Notes are being sent home with students.