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October 2017

PAWS Parent Meeting October 10, 2017 Lincoln School 

Meeting called to order by Amber Kennedy at 7:01 p.m.

Attendance: list available in Secretary’s notebook

Officer’s Reports:

Secretary’s Report: Cara read Minutes. No corrections were needed on the report. Amber motioned and Jeff made a motion to second.

Principal’s Report:

Ms. Kimball went over Norms with our group. We will follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Welcome Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Schuff and Miss Butterfield from 1st grade; and Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Meyer and Ms. Leininger. Ms. Kimball read the minutes from the last meeting and Zulma was concerned that Susana only received $300 for making meals when the budget was set at $500.

President’s Report: Our president wishes thanks for attendance.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff reports $2000.03 is in the account that is after the $300 for conference meals and $101.50 for snacks in the snack machine was taken out. A $219.00 deposit from restaurant night (Wendy’s) will be in tomorrow.

Committee Reports:

Dine-out Nights- Lorraine mentioned that the upcoming night is November 13 at Pizza Hut. We need as many helpers as possible to help. Maybe Lions Leadership kids can help?
Wendy’s Night raised $219.00.

Kira mentioned that she would like to see Lincoln have a night at Burger King in the spring.

Conference Meals- Susana was in charge of both meals and would really appreciate more help if possible. She was very happy to prepare our meals for conference night. We can help prepare the menu next time. Input is helpful. Both nights Susana spent $238.34 on ingredients for the meals.

Lorraine moves to let Susana keep the extra $61.66. Steve seconded the motion and it was approved. Patty is going to email staff for preferences.

New Business:

Snack Machine- We are making approximately $0.27 per item. $101.50 was spent to purchase snacks.
Box Tops/Russ’s and Allen’s Receipts- All need to be submitted by November 1. The next date should be February. Allen’s Receipts must be dated September 1 through March 31 and they must have the original receipt. We earn 1%. May 1
st is the reimbursement date. Russ’s Receipts must be dated September 1 through March 3 and they must have the original receipt. This program allows us to purchase things such as computers, sporting supplies and hundreds of other items. Patty will work on advertising this.

T-Shirt Sales- Still working on a committee.


Next meeting is November 7 at 7 PM. Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM.