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PAWS September 2017

PAWS Parent Meeting
September 5, 2017
Lincoln School
Meeting called to order by Amber Kennedy at 7:01 p.m.

Attendance: list available in Secretary’s notebook

Officer’s Reports:

Secretary’s Report: Cara read Minutes. No corrections were needed on the report. Amber motioned and Jeff made a motion to second.

Principal’s Report:

Ms. Kimball went over Norms with our group. We will follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Welcome Mrs. Brumbaugh and Miss Tubergen from Kindergarten; and Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Meyer

President’s Report:

Back to School Bash went well this year! She liked the way it went this year where we asked parents to sign up to help with things.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance is approximately $1,800. No checks were written and no money taken in as of now. School tax ID is not on there. The account has been changed to Lincoln School PAWS Parent Group. We are still looking for a second person to sign checks along with Jeff. Giving for deposit $80 for cookie sales and $127.75 for Back to School Bash.

Committee Reports:

Back To School Bash review: It went from 11-1. There were prizes and a sign in sheet. The food and many other things were donated by E-Free Church. We gave away: 2 backpacks, $25 giftcard to Walmart, 4 hockey tickets, 3 school shirts/hoodies

We usually have a bigger turn out for community resources (with setting up tables). It was probably because of SolFest. We could possibly communicate with them more throughout the summer. There will be a committee for this next year. The time frame was good. Activities went smoothly. Loraine thought there were over 150 people.

Suggestions: No suggestions were given.

Committee Sign Ups and Chairs: Cara discussed how parents signed up to be on different committees. We need a Chair Person for each committee. Cara asked parents that attended the meeting if anyone would like to chair a committee.

Committees we now have:

Parent-Teacher Conference Meals

Back to School Bash

Staff Appreciation

Literacy Night

Book Fair


School Shirts

Dine-Out Night: The first event is at Wendy’s on September 19 from 5-8. The second event will be at Pizza Hut on November 13 from 5-7:30. These two restaurants were a success last year! Pizza Hut needs a lot more people involved to help.

Parent-Teacher Conference Meal: It was discussed that the parent group needs to decide what the budget is for each PTC meal. Jeff and Amber thought it was $250 per night ($500 total). Susana motioned that we spend $500 on both nights (total). Amber Kennedy spoke to second the motion. No one was opposed. Amber and Susana said they would help on this committee.

New Business:

Second person on the Parent Group Account: We are still looking for a second person to be on the Parent Group Account and sign checks along with Jeff. Cara asked the parents if anyone would be willing to do this. No one came forward at this time.

Snack Machine: Amber explained how the snack machine in the teacher’s lounge works. There is a nice variety in the machine and the money earned goes back to replenish it.  Steve made a motion to spend more now and less in January so snacks don’t go bad towards the end of the year. Amber motioned to spend $200 now and Steve motioned to second. No one opposed.

October Meeting: The Parent Group Meeting will be held on October 10 instead of October 3 (due to Parent-Teacher Conferences).

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.