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2nd graders Experience Pioneer Christmas

pioneer christmas

Pioneer Christmas

This experience provides students with a setting to learn about winter family life on the Nebraska plains in the 19th century, with plenty of opportunities to try their hand at several chores, as well as taking a peek at some holiday gifts. Students will also help with winter holiday preparation and learn about holiday celebrations on the plains. The locations include the 1850s Vieregg Cabin, the 1880s Hired Man’s House, 1890s Peter Stuhr House, and the 1900s Cleary Farmhouse. 

Pioneer Christmas pioneer christmas 2nd Grade

2nd Grade 2nd Grade 2nd Grade

2nd grade 2nd Grade pioneer christmas

Stringing Popcorn-2nd grade 2nd grade2nd grade

Pioneer Christmas Pioneer Christmas Pioneer Christmas

We do a Pioneer Christmas. The students do chores to get ready for Christmas activities such as popcorn stringing, paper chains, and making popcorn. They also wash clothes on a washboard, sort buttons, and iron.

pioneer christmas  pioneer christmas

pioneer christmas