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4th Grade Trip to Morrill Hall in Lincoln image

4th Grade Trip to Morrill Hall in Lincoln

Morrill Hall

Morrill Hall

Longfellow students visited Lincoln on Friday for a fun learning experience. Our first stop was to Morrill Hall.  This museum brought a lot of new hand-on experiences for our students to try out.  We also got to check out the newest level of the museum, which was entitled "Cherish Nebraska". It offered a lot new things that even surprised some of the teachers and parents alike.  Archie, the mammoth, was still what the kids were most excited to see, and he did not disappoint. Check out some of the photos from our trip:

Cherish Nebraska 

Morrill Hall

Preston-Morrill Hall

Bizarre Animals

Morrill Hall

weapons through the ages



bizarre animals

Listening to teachers

4th Grade groupArchie & his friends