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Global Assembly--Guatemala


Guatemala is a country of volcanoes, mountains, and beaches on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Guatemala is located in Central America. Mexico and Belize lie to the north of the country, while El Salvador and Honduras are south.

* POPULATION: 16,581,273


* The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City.

Chichicastenango Market is home to a native market selling fabrics, textiles, clothing, local crafts, fruit, and vegetables. 

However, the most common crop found in Guatemala is the coffee bean. These beans are world-famous and are exported throughout the world.

Guatemala is home to the first chocolate bar. The Mayan civilization invented the chocolate bar using cocoa beans, a product that is now world-famous.

The world’s largest supplier of the green precious stone Jade is Guatemala. This jewel is exported throughout the world.


Guatemala Presentation by Greg Allen-Pickett.