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Mrs. Nanfito's 4th Field Trip


Nanfito's rural school house

Rural School House

Students will start by raising the flag just outside the school house and then move into the cloakroom, where daily procedures are discussed and a few period items viewed. Once seated in the desks general information about the life of 1880s Nebraska students and teachers are explained. The remainder of the class is taught in first person, as if the students were attending school in 1888. Students will study reading and arithmetic using reproduction textbooks and chalk slates, penmanship using nib pens and ink, geography viewing an 1888 reproduction map, history using pictures and paintings in the room and participate in a spelling bee. The class ends with the final bell, signaling a resumption of modern life, with just enough time for questions and answers.

rural School house

rural school house-flag rules for school

rural school house Presidents at the time

Raising Nebraska

Raising NE

Raising Nebraska is an interactive experience like no other. From science and innovation, to community and culture, and even the global economy, Nebraska’s agricultural experience touches everyone. Through this incredible 25,000-foot interactive exhibit, you actually become part of it – in ways you never imagined and that you’ll never forget.

raising Ne exhibit Raising NE

Raising NE Raising Ne

Raising NE

Free Time 

free time free time

free time free time

free time