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Dear Parents/Guardians:


We will celebrate National Red Ribbon Week next week, October 30th-November 3rd. During the week, we will emphasize the importance of making healthy choices and saying no to drugs. We hope to show all of our students the positive benefits of staying drug free. We appreciate your help in our efforts to keep our children safe from unhealthy influences. The celebration includes a daily theme for all to participate. I have listed those themes below. Thank you for taking time to inform your children about the dangers that drugs create in our community and our lives. Your words are very powerful.



Mrs. Simmons – School Counselor


Monday, October 30th – I Vote for My Future to Be Drug Free

Students and staff may wear red, white, and blue.


Tuesday, October 31st – “Orange” You Going to Stick with Me and Stay Drug Free?

Students and staff may wear orange.


Wednesday, November 1st – We’re Sockin’ It to Drugs  

Students and staff may wear goofy or mismatched socks.


Thursday, November 2nd – Too Bright for Drugs

Students and staff may wear neon colors.


Friday, November 3rd – “Wear Red Day!”

Students and staff are encouraged to wear as much red as possible. Let’s make our own Longfellow “Sea of Red”.