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Map Testing-You Can Help!


During the testing window for map testing, January 25 through February 5, we ask that students have the good  breakfast and plenty of sleep. A bedtime schedule that helps your child to be well rested the day of the test will really help your child to do his or her best. Finally, we ask that you avoid pulling your child from school during this important time if possible. We ask this even though we understand that medical appointments made well in advance may not be adjustable. We just want your child to have the best testing environment we can provide and to avoid the struggle of make-up testing.

Thank you! 


Monday-Jan. 25--2nd Grade Reading

Tuesday-Jan 26--2nd Math, 4th Reading, 5th Reading, 1st Reading, 3rd Reading

Wednesday Jan. 27--2nd Language, 4th Reading, 5th Reading, 1st Math, 3rd Reading

Thursday Jan 28--4th Math, 5th Math, 1st Reading, 3rd Math

Friday Jan 29--4th Math, 5th Math, 1st Math, 3rd Math

Monday-Feb 1--4th Language, 5th Language, 3rd Language

Tuesday-Feb 2--3rd Language

Wednesday Feb 3--4th Language,  5th Language, 

Thursday Feb 4--5th Science

Friday Feb 5--5th Science