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The Mission of the Hastings Public Schools

Our fundamental purpose is to assure all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors essential to be successful individuals and responsible citizens.

The Vision of the Hastings Public Schools

As the cornerstone of educational excellence in our community, we will continuously and passionately strive to be high performing. Our Learning Community will effectively meet the unique learning needs of each and every student.

To Attain Our Mission We Must:

  • maintain a clear and shared focus on student learning;

  • continuously implement, in all grades and subject areas, an articulated and effective curriculum that aligns with recognized standards and is supported by appropriate instructional and assessment practices;

  • set and maintain appropriately high expectations for students and for each other;

  • frequently and systematically monitor the learning of each student to appropriately respond to each student's learning needs and to improve our ability to be a high-performing learning community;

  • expect and provide for high levels of commitment, collaboration, and communication among students, parents, staff, and community members;

  • provide a safe and supportive environment for learning and teaching;

  • value diversity in ways that enrich student learning and our community;

  • implement professional development activities for staff that support their efforts to appropriately use the best practices of high-performing schools; and

  • provide effective leadership in each classroom, each building, and the District.

Adopted by the Hastings Public Schools Board of Education
July 19, 2010