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HPS Mission logoThe Mission of the Hastings Public Schools

Our fundamental purpose is to assure all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors essential to be successful individuals and responsible citizens.


HPS vision logoThe Vision of the Hastings Public Schools

As the cornerstone of educational excellence in our community, we will continuously and passionately strive to be high performing. Our Learning Community will effectively meet the unique learning needs of each and every student.


To Attain Our Mission We Must Have:

  • A shared focus on student learning;

  • An articulated curriculum that provides all students, at a minimum, with essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions;

  • A balanced assessment system that meets the needs of students, teachers, parents, and policymakers;

  • A system of intervention and enrichment based on formative assessments;

  • Adults working together interdependently to improve student learning, instruction, and practices;

  • A safe, supportive, and healthy learning and teaching environment that celebrates individuals’ differences, diversity, growth, and achievement; 

  • Appropriate and high expectations for each student and teacher that are based on the premise that ALL students can and will learn at high levels, and that will facilitate students and staff having high expectations of themselves to meet their own potential;

  • An environment where adult learning and growth is continuous and job-embedded in order to provide high-quality instruction for every student;

  • Leadership at every level that is committed to the full implementation of the culture of a professional learning community; and

  • A strong commitment to learning from stakeholder groups (students, staff, parents, and community leaders).

HPS Staff Commitments logoStaff Commitments



We will:

  • Have high academic and behavioral expectations for our students;
  • Have high professional expectations of ourselves and others;
  • Analyze data to guide instruction, to intervene, to enrich, to adjust programming and practices, to engage stakeholders, and celebrate success;
  • Collaborate within the culture of a professional learning community in order to create equity and achieve student success;
  • Build positive relationships with stakeholders to ensure a safe and orderly environment; and
  • Push beyond student academic excellence toward excellence in all aspects of life.
Adopted by the Hastings Public Schools Board of Education
September 17, 2018