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  • Beyond Books Club image

    Longfellow NEW club at school will be called: Beyond Books Club! First Day of Beyond Books Club Do you love books? Do you love art? Well, we have a club for you! Starting on February 15, 2024, we will be offering an after-school… Read the rest of this article

  • Global Learning Assembly--Italy image

    Global Learning Assembly  Mrs. Munter has a family member studying to become a priest. He lives in Rome, Italy. His name is Father Andrew Schwenka. He shared what it is like living and working in Italy.  Welcome to Italy!   Read the rest of this article

  • Parent-Teacher Conference image

    Longfellow Parent/Teacher Conferences Our second semester Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on February 20th at 4:00-7:45 PM: Teachers will send out scheduling information within the next week or so. If parents do not… Read the rest of this article

  • Kindergarten Book Blizzard image

    Kindergarten Book Blizzard All three Kindergarten classes participated in a Book Blizzard. What is that? The students were awarded a Book Blizzard for the amount of books they could read during January. Here are the totals… Read the rest of this article

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