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  • Peru--Global Learning Assembly image

    Peru Assembly Big thank you to Ms. Kelyn Henry-Perlich for doing the presentation for Longfellow. Peru is a country in South America, bordered by Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, and Chile. Peru was home to one of the… Read the rest of this article

  • Longfellow CAN Recycle Challenge image

    Updated 5/5/2021--April Recycle Challenge Results! --This time Longfellow collected 96 pounds total aluminum cans. --We received $43.20 which will be added to our previous amount. The top three classes were: #3 Mrs. Halloran's… Read the rest of this article

  • Library Resource image

      Library Resource  Free Audiobooks and Video Read Alouds Story… Read the rest of this article

  • Farming in South Central Nebraska image

    Nebraska Farming Video and narrated by Mrs. Samuelson Please note if the video doesn't work try this tip: if you hit the right arrow and quickly move to the end of the presentation, then back, the remainder of the slides will… Read the rest of this article

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