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Flyer Distribution Procedure

It is the procedure of the Hastings Public Schools to assist community organizations by being a vehicle to distribute certain approved materials to students throughout the District.  All materials must be submitted to the office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for approval prior to distribution.  Submissions may be dropped off at the District Administration building at 1515 W 8th Street, or emailed to the email address below. Flyers should not be dropped off at school buildings directly.

There are three potential approval types:

  1.  Full Distribution = materials may be handed directly to every student and/or placed in their folder
  2.  Limited Distribution = materials are made available in the school’s main office and allow students access on a voluntary basis
  3.  Disapproved = materials are not allowed to be distributed through the school District

 Upon approval, the flyer will be stamped and returned to the organization to make copies.  The organization should then return the approved copies (sorted by building/grade level, etc.) to the District office for distribution through the campus mail system. 

Flyers approved for Full Distribution can be given to every student at the elementary level.  Hastings Middle School & Hastings Senior High School do not send flyers home with every student. Flyers are available in the office for students to pick up.  Enrollment numbers for elementary buildings and grade levels are available by calling the office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. 

 Please contact Jill Hilgendorf, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Secretary, at 402-461-7507 or with any questions.