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Option Enrollment

The Enrollment Option Program was established to enable any kindergarten through twelfth grade Nebraska student to attend a Nebraska public school district in which the student does not reside, subject to certain limitations.  The laws governing the Enrollment Option Program can be found in Chapter 79 of the Nebraska State Statues at sections 79-232 to 79-246, which can be downloaded from the Nebraska Unicameral website.

If a student that does not live in the Hastings Public School District and wishes to attend HPS, you must first complete an Enrollment Option form available by clicking the link or coming to the Administration Building at 1515 W 8th Street to pick one up.  The Superintendent of the student's resident district, (the district you live in) has to OK the transfer on the form and then the Hastings Public Schools Superintendent needs to OK that the student attends.  Class size, student needs, Principal recommendation, etc., will be used to evaluate if the District is able to accept the student.  You will be notified whether or not your student is accepted to attend.    If a student is accepted, you do not need to complete a form every year.

If a student plans to participate in varsity athletics, the application has to be completed and approved by May 1st of the year the student plans to attend. 

If you have any questions regarding enrollment option, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 402-461-7511.