About the Foundation

Hastings Public Schools Foundation
1515 W 8th Street
Hastings, NE 68901
(402) 461-7564

 The Hastings Public Schools Foundation (HPSF) legally became a non-profit organization in 1990.  At the time, HPSF maintained and distributed scholarships.  In 2008, the HPSF was asked to evolve as an organization by the Hastings Public Schools Board of Education.  The Board’s desire for this evolution was caused by the relative decline in financial support from the State and other factors that placed tremendous pressure on the financial resources of the District.  These factors still loom large today. Since 2008, HPSF has evolved dramatically in its ability to support student learning and success.  This ability was made possible through the extraordinary generosity of the community.  Past Executive Directors, Foundation Boards, and contributing community members are to be commended for the support they have provided students and staff through HPSF. Today, HPSF not only continues to increase student learning opportunities, it  carries out unique projects; recognizes and celebrates student achievement;  encourages and recognizes teacher excellence and innovation; and, of course, maintains and distributes scholarships.  While HPSF will continue to evolve to meet each new challenge, our focus will always be on expanding what is possible for students, staff, and the District.