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55 Scholarships Awarded to Seniors in the Class of 2017

Graduation is a joyous time.  As the HPS Foundation Board of Directors and scholarship donors present the scholarships to recipients during Honors Night at Hastings High School, the true joy of giving is witnessed again and again!

Dollar Value:  The Hastings Public Schools Foundation Scholarship Portfolio, in coordination with several outside organizations, amassed a total of $70,750 in scholarship funds given to graduates of the class of 2017.  This is a record amount, thanks to donors past and present, who have made these precious resources available to our graduating seniors.  The Hastings Public Schools Foundation expresses appreciation to the many donors who have made this possible.

Application Process:  The application process for Hastings Public Schools Foundation Scholarships has been streamlined.  Students may apply online for any HPS Foundation scholarships for which they qualify.  All students applying provide one set of test scores, one set of references, a resume, and one general essay.  These materials qualify them to apply for all scholarships in the HPSF Scholarship Portfolio. Some scholarships require a small amount of additional information.  Overall, this process is efficient and time saving for students.

HPS Foundation Scholarship Portfolio:  The Hastings Public Schools Foundation was founded in 1987 by farseeing members of the Hastings community.  These individuals were intent upon finding ways to support and honor HPS graduating seniors; and, as a result, the Hastings Public Schools Foundation scholarship program was initiated.  Over time, donors came forward with contributions to create general, memorial, and alumni class scholarships.  Our safe and reliable system of investing and managing the portfolio was instituted with the support of the Hastings Community Foundation. 

Through these donations, several scholarships in the HPS Foundation scholarship portfolio have been endowed (requiring a minimum investment of $10,000.)  In an endowment, the principal is always maintained.  Earnings on the principal supply funds to provide scholarships.  However, in most years, a portion of these earnings is returned to the principal so that the endowment continues to grow.  This provides a hedge against inflation and, over time, allows for an increase in the value of the scholarships awarded.  Thus, endowed HPS Foundation scholarships are in a state of perpetual growth. 

Presently scholarship values range from $250 to $6,250.  Some of the scholarships are supported by yearly donations; the remainder are funded through endowed scholarship funds and matching funds provided by the Kinman-Oldfield Family Foundation and Central Community College.

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Class of 2014

Alaethea Remmers

Alaethea RemmersI chose Fort Hays State University because the Speech Language Pathology Department is wonderful. The department also has a graduate school program and an on-campus clinic where a majority of my instructors and professors provide services. I am majoring in pre-speech language pathology and entering my second year of college. I have added a minor in psychology.

So far I have been taking classes continuously, including summer classes. I have completed credits above the normal class load during both the fall and spring semesters. I am working my hardest academically and have been invited to join both the Fort Hays Honor Society and also the National Collegiate Honor Society. I am hopefully going to join the student organization of the American Speech and Hearing Association within the next year.

Thank you for everything the Foundation is doing for my peers and me!

Kiara Carson

Kiara CarsonThis last school year has been a blast for me! I am attending school up in St. Paul, Minnesota and I have had a wonderful time in a beautiful place.

I took a lower number of credits first semester in order to ease my transition, but I was also involved in band and choir and had a great time meeting new people.

Second semester, I took a heavier class load, and I really loved learning how to manage my time and work hard. I made some really close friends this last semester as well. I managed to get mostly A's both semesters.

Next school year, I am going to be an orientation leader and will be helping with the incoming freshmen. I made it into the top choir and will also be pursuing some opera training. As of the fall semester, I will add a minor in Spanish and take some of those classes. I will be taking a lot of classes and credits as well as working on campus, but I am very excited about the year ahead. Thank you again for your support.


Class of 2013

Cody Newlun

Cody NewlunI have just recently completed my sophomore at Hastings College as a physics major and a mathematics minor. I am enjoying the professional field that I am entering and want to pursue a degree in mechanical or electrical engineering after my time here at Hastings. I recently became a member of the student senate on campus, where I will be a representative for the science department.

A good experience I had this year was during my January Interim class. Being a physics major I was required to take the Advanced Laboratory course. This course consisted of conducting four rigorous labs in about 10 days. These labs were time consuming and required extensive reports. After the 10 days we took a trip to Chicago for about a week. While there we toured two national research laboratories as well as several museums and tourist attractions. This summer I was offered a research internship at Kansas State University in the Chemical Engineering Department. I am assisting in the research of using carbon nanotubes as new materials for energy storage in batteries. This will be a good experience for me as I approach graduate level studies in the near future and will furthermore strengthen my resume. I will also be able to get my foot in the door of an engineering department so that I can expand my knowledge and interests in engineering fields.

Attending graduate school to pursue an engineering degree could be very expensive. With the help of the Ardyce Bohlke Memorial Scholarship, I am able to put money I would spend at HC aside to help pay for my graduate studies. Personally, I would like to thank the Hastings Public Schools Foundation for all of the assistance they have given me and for all of the work that they do for our community. This scholarship is truly helping me achieve my education and career goals. I am honored to receive this award every year.

Selko update


2016- 48 scholarships, range in value $500-$7,500 total awarded $65,750
Jacynda Aulrich
Emily Block
Dakota Boydston
Macie Clawson
Zoey Cook
Kierstin Curtis
Annie Davis
Adolfo Diaz
Katie Fast
Sam Fincher
Breanna Fluckey
Peyton Ford
Skyler Good
Annie Greaslish
Dacia Hartman
Maddie Hittner
Grayce Hueske
Jamie Johnson
Morgan Karloff
Alex Kenmitz
Andrew Kenmitz
Alex Kleinjan
Libby Knapple
Matt Krontz
Heidi Manchame
Reganne Markle
Julie McConnell
Bryant Menke
Lydia Meyer
Andrew Moritz
Natashia Naslund
Richard Norris
Sophia Pankratz
Ryan Pawloski
Angelica Pham
Sam Reimer
Ben Remmers
Daulten Sadd
Nick Sadd
Janessa Schroeder
Chloe Swoboda
Hope Thelander
Destiny Thompson
Garrett VanBrocklin
Garrett VanSkiver
Wendy Zhao
2015- 46 scholarships, range in value $250-$4,000 total awarded $52,052  2014- 37 scholarships, range in value $500-$4,000, total awarded $40,500 
 Natasha Ashley
Tanner Cline
Nicole Dillin
Zach Evans
Chole Ferrone
Adam Florian
Jack Foreman
Elizabeth Franssen
Jordan Frink
Gilberto Garcia
Travis Hartwig
Jonathan Hemmer
Brenda Hernandez
Sarah Johnson
Matt Karnes
Cassandra Karr
Jeff Keele
Taylor Kidwell
Corey King
Katie Kingsley
Garrett Kothe
Nolan Laux
Marcus Long
Ryder Mays
Noah Metzger
Neli Morales
Tyler Musgrave
Marissa Najera
Neely Nuss
Philip Pedroza
Albert Pedroza
Sam Roth
Andrew Rutt
Alex Schmidt
Collin Spilinek
Zachary Strobl
Taylor Suminski
Javier Torres
Huy Troung
Diego Ventura
Andrew Villegas
Tai Vo
Madeline Warrick
Dakota Anderson
Crystal Bauer
Kevin Carillo
Kiara Carson
Diana Chavz
April Crandell
Brenna Crawford
Wyatt Davis
Alyssa Dirks
Chandler Fielder
Maddie Fincher
Matthew Hajny
Kimberly Hansen
Taylor Hawes
Karen Huynh
Tanner Johnson
Ethan Kerr
Jenna Kulwicki
Sydney Landell
Christian Lomax
Lacey Lurz
DJ Maar
Kyler Meredith
Pablo Morales
Liz Opperman
Jake Parker
Bailey Petzoldt
Joe Prickett
Allie Remmers
Tristen Sadd
Jake Steiner
Justine Steiner
Alexis VanBoening
Marika Van Brocklin 
2013- 31 scholarships, range in value $250-$4,000, total awarded $32,750  2012- 19 scholarships, range in value $250-$1,000, total awarded $9,750 2011- 20 scholarships, range in value $250-$1,000, total awarded $10,250   2010- 17 scholarships, range in value $250-$500, total awarded $8,250
Dalton Anderson
Ethan Dixon
Cassandra Dycus
Mattie Eddleman
Sierra Edmisten
Tuesday Frasier
Tania Hernandez
Brenda Jauregui
Lindsey Johnson
Sam Johnson
Anthony Julian
Caitlin Kalvelage
Matthew Karloff
Emma Keele
Kelsey Kimminau
Jacinda King
Kayla Kluver
Maddison McConnaughhay
Cody Newlun
Will Reimer
Meagan Reiners
Tyler Ripperger
Daniel Rousseau
Elizabeth Schafer
Jonah Schulz
Sean Selko
Mason Spilnek
Madeline Svoboda
Alisnaydis Tomasen-Vila
Taylor Williams 
Joee Beckman
Kelsey Christensen
Anna Dominguez
Matt Geiger
Shalene Gerritsen
Tressa Gloystein
Hailey Hemenway
Holly James
Jaden Lacy
Ngoc Nguyen
Patrick Opperman
Brandon Palmer
Kelli Poplau
William Stramel
Elizabeth Sullivan
Kayd Welke
Nathan Williams
Alyson Wolfe 
Stacy Ackerman
Claire Adelson
Brittany Ballou
Lilian Barnes
Michael Beahm
Thomas Cooke
Caralynn Crandell
Jazmin DeLoera
Greg Dwyer
Joseph Fox
Shayla Frakes
Jordan Frerichs
Trey Hamik
Alison James
Tessa Johnson
Alex Keele
Lindsey Leininger
Connor Chance-Ossowski
Matt Peirce
Mckenzie Sealey
Jack Andreasen
Angelica Barrera
Grace Callahan
Annie Dillman
Dylan Hubl
Aaron Jank
Kaitlyn Karr
Bailey Jo Kreager
Elizabeth Krueger
Mikaela Newlun
Caleb Northrop
Ben Reimer
Scott Sejkora
Sarah Wolf
Jack Zoucha  


2009 2008   2007
Kaylee Baldwin 
Danielle DeTour 
Sara Florek 
Wade Hawkinson 
Morgan Johnson 
Allison Kern 
Jonathan Landell 
Whitney Nelson 
Justin Remmers 
Kalin Rodgers 
Hannah Rundle 
Elizabeth Ryan 
Gregg Schlueter 
Gabriel Stokes 
Nnamdi Uche 
Nnenna Uche
Joleisa Cramer 
Kathryn Cunningham 
Lindsey Etzelmiller 
Tyler Faber 
Karina Fernandez 
Michaela Fox 
Tyler Frank 
Christina Garcia 
Natosha Gipe 
Jeremy Jank 
Samantha Luth 
Erin Marsh 
Mark Nollette 
Crystal Pettit 
Ruth Pobanz 
Erika Shea 
Adam Tracy
Jillian Andreasen 
Thi Ha 
Trenton Hinze 
Chris Hollister 
Seth Hylden 
Heather Karr 
Rebecca Giddens 
Stephanie Leininger 
Mike Mankin 
Abby McConnaughhay 
Elizabeth Munnell 
Megan Schmitz 
Neil Sunderman


2006  2005   2004
Gina Fagiolo 
Maggie Fast 
Hanna Dielman 
Essia Grealish 
Nga Huynh 
Marie Illingworth 
Marcia Keele 
Matt Kern 
Renato Lopez 
Renee Pobanz 
Rachel Sullivan 
Emily Richardson 
Bree Robbins 
Kristen Robbins
Aaron Williams
Courtney Beach 
Lindsey Blum 
Travis Bronson 
Paul Callahan 
Stacey Dillman 
Katy Fagiolo 
Justin Hinze 
Hannah Krueger
Penny Niles 
McKenzie Porter 
Erica Renz 
Dustin Runcie 
Sarah Song 
Jessica Springer
Jordec Cramer
Amanda Holmberg
Lance Hundt
Brant Reinhard
Darcy Snow
Eric Thaut
Claudia Venereo
Tam Vo
Brandy Whitcomb
Alison Worrell