HPS Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

All Scholarships require an online application including the Resumé Section, the Writing Response, the Quotation Response, a Teacher Recommendation Form, and a Community Member Form.  Some scholarships also require extra information included on the Scholarship Application and/or on the list below.

Ardyce Bohlke: ACT 25+ or SAT1140+; must maintain 3.5 College GPA.

Central Community College: CCC student.

Johnson Family: ACT 25+ or SAT 1140+; must maintain 3.5 College GPA.

Class of 1969:  Best benefit to a qualified senior as determined by the Scholarship Review Committee.

Charles & Margretha D Uerling Memorial: Hastings College student.

Meeske/Pankratz Opportunity: Minority or Special Needs Student; Record of School Improvement

Gene Haas Machine Technology:  Machine Technology Student; GPA 2.5+

Annie Starkey Memorial: Sibling of Special Needs Student; GPA 2.5+

Robert L. Foote Memorial:  GPA 2.5+.

Roy Bassett Memorial Scholarship:  Determined by the HHS Athletic Department and is given to an outstanding senior athlete.

Class of 1977: GPA 2.5+.

Bob Wilson/HAMA: CCC Student; Machine Technically Trained student; GPA 2.5+.

Kinman Oldfield Family Foundation

Cotner Family Scholarship:  Financial need; upper half of class; attending Hastings College, UN-K or UN-L.

Dean F. Cecrle Memorial Science: Science College Major; Financial Need; Science Department Recommendation.

Dr. Jong-Tseng (J.T.) & Lei-Hwa WangYen Legacy: GPA 3.0+; Financial Need.

Class of 1958: Nebraska college; GPA 2.5+; Financial Need. 

Jack Horsham Memorial: Alcott Elementary Alumni;  2.5+ GPA; Financial Need.

Matt Shoemaker: Outstanding Orchestra Student; Orchestra Teacher's Recommendation.

Glen Cafferty Memorial: College baseball (HS baseball if no eligible college); 3.0 GPA.

Doerr Leadership: Hastings College; Outstanding Student Council or Debate Student (other leadership positions if no eligible student council/debate candidate).

Class of 1963

Kelly Buck Memorial: UNK; Financial need.

Scott Reineke Memorial: A student who exhibits great caring and character and/or who is going into a caring field.

Todd VanSkiver Memorial: A student with a GPA of 2.5 or higher who participated in high school basketball and exhibits good character.