Donor Wall


Full donor Wall**Located in HHS Auditorium 

*updated 3/31/23

Donor Wall Plaques



Marie E. Johnson Residual Trust
Five Points Bank of Hastings



Calvin and Jane Johnson
Kinman Oldfield Family Foundation
Greg Searson




Gene Haas Foundation
Craig and Lesa Kautz
Dr. Matt & Stephanie Pershing
Roger and Cheryl Schukei


Central Community College
Central Community College Foundation
Hastings Community Foundation
Jessica McAndrew
D. Charles Shoemaker & Lynne Friedewald
Chris and Amanda Thom and the Thom Foundation



Jon Bohlke
Ronald Chen and Fionna Griffiths
Roger and Karen Doerr
Dutton-Lainson Co.
Richard and Donna Hulsker
Pinnacle Bank
Bradley J. Seiler
Sunnyside Inc
Dr. John and Peg Welch
John Wilson


Dr. Tyler and Stephanie Adam
Dr. George & Colleen Adam
Jason Bohlke
Jon & Ardyce Bohlke
Douglas and Charlotte Cotner
Ronald and Betty Kort
Hastings Philanthropic Yoga Society
Hastings Economic Development Corp.
Elaine Lamski Foreign Travel Fund
Jessica Meeske and Todd Pankratz
Thermo King Corporation
Robert Unger
Bonnie VanSkiver
Yuhan Alumni Scholarship Foundation


Centennial Plastics, Inc.
Bob Popek
Eaton Corporation
Lyle and Diann Fleharty
Flowserve Corporation
Brent and Patty Gollner
William and Amy Hermes
Industrial Irrigation Services
Steve Jacobi
Michael and Melissa Karloff
Robin and Ann Koozer
Brad and Dixie Kuehn
Dr. Fred and Raquel McCurdy
Andrew Quirk
Larry and Judy Rader
Rutt's Heating and Air
Jeff and Abby Schneider
Chris and Colleen Schukei
Senator Les & Jo Seiler & Family




Dr. Charles and Jane Bauer
John and Sharon Brooks
Tom and Cathy Cafferty
Al and Marcie Campbell
Thomas & Jalaene Choquette
Richard and Dianne Christensen
First Presbyterian Church
Cooperative Producers Inc.
Kirk and Karen Dielman
Gene and Inge Gross
Carolyn Hansen
Hastings Education Assoc.
JAMA Family Foundation
Jim and Lynn Kaiser
Dr. Don and Pat Kingsley
Kiwanis Club of Hastings
Dr. David and Marjorie Little
Mark and Faye Myers
NE Aluminum Castings
Dr. John & Cathy Pershing
Dr. Curtis and Kathy Reimer
Rich and Judy Reimer
Dave and Kristi Rippe
Terry Schaaf Trust
Dr. Jerry and Mary Seiler
David and Debra Stuehrenberg
T-L Manufacturing
United Way of South Central Nebraska

























Tom Bassett and Sheere Gleason
William and Mary Beave
Cara and Matt Beckenhauer
Stephanie and Mark Bliss
Jim and Traci Boeve
Bruckman Rubber Co.
Erin Cafferty
Carmichael Construction
The Chief Foundation, Inc.
Chief Industries, Inc.
Class of 2020
David and Paula Cure
Family Medical Center of Hastings
Farm Credit Services of America
Farris Construction Co. Inc
Susanne Knight Farris
Bob and Jane Foote
Dr. R.D. and Linda French
Sharon Marvin Griffin Family
Hall County Community Collaborative
Jeffrey and Tamara Halloran
Hastings Area Manufacturing Association
Hastings Band Parents
Hastings College
The Hastings Corporation
Hastings HVAC, Inc.
Hastings Irrigation Pipe
Hastings Public Schools Employees
Hastings Sunrise Rotary
Heritage Bank
Charles and Margaret Hermes
Merle Hinrichs
Neal and Susan Hoff
John & Mary Horsham
Integrated Security Solutions
Joel and Ellen Jank
Donald and Connie Jetter
Janet Hibbs-Jones
John and Wendy Keele
Larry Keim Trust
Randy and Brenda Knapp
Kully Pipe & Steel Supply
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Gretchen Lainson
Mary Lanning Healthcare
Rick and Rebecca Matticks
MNB Bank
Elmer and Barbara Murman
Nebraska Arts Council
John and Michele Northrop
Oakeson Steiner Wealth and Retirement
Tracy and Michelle Ochsner
Dr. Gene and Barb Peck
Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska
Dr. James and Mary Penney
Karen Portwood
William Rundle Memorial
Runza National APF
Dr. David and Brandee Schram
Donald and Nancy Seaton
The Spotts Trust
Tom & Lisa Smith
Doug and Marnie Soderquist
Bill and Monti Starkey
Dr. David and Kathy Stoddard
Ty and Linda Swan
John Richards and Shellea Swan
Thomas Szlanda
Dr. Thomas and Jane Tonniges
Doug and Mary Weber
Dr. Justin and Kili Wenburg
Wilson Case, Inc.
Marvin and Sandra Woodward
Mike and Nancy Ziemba

Donor Poster

********** $4,000 - $4,999 **********

HHS Class of 1973
Bank of Doniphan
Bert’s Pharmacy
Shirley Borgum 
Jeb and Charla Brant
Kenneth L. Buck
Carmichael Construction
Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce
Dr. James and Mary Jeanne Cooke
Elizabeth Creech
Nick Drake
Exposure Marketing & Promotion, Inc
First Interstate Bank
Kandace Garwood
Great Western Bank
Fred and Jill Groshans
Hastings Community Arts Council

Richard and Connie Halloran
Hastings Vision Clinic
Heartland Bank
Deanna January
Trent and Amy Kelly
David Rusterholz and Becky Kleager
Peter  and Ellen Lekisch
Ronald and Margene McCollough
Bob and Julie Parker
Richard and Karen Portwood
Brady Rhodes & Susan Meeske
Mona Roach
Ray and Carol Szlanda
Lawrence and Heidi Tunks
Charles and Bonnie White
Woodwards Disposal Service
Dr. Kevin and Paige Wycoff

********** $3,000 - $3,999 **********

HHS Class of 1961
HHS Class of 1962
Lafe Anderson
Matthew and Heather Baack
Dr. Gary Barth
Gale and Paula Beirow
Ronald and Sandra Boike
Larry and Shirley Bornschlegl
Randy and Pat Chick
Dorothy Dean
Steve and Barbara Durham
Robert and Judy Finnigsmier
First United Methodist Church
Dr. Scott Franssen
Danny and Jodi Graves
Les Hamburger Memorial
Jeff Hartman
Hastings Economic Education Council
Samantha Hemberger
Jim and Sharon Heyen
Douglas and Sherri Hollister
James and Nancy Horsham
Stephanie Jacobson
Dr. Michael and Rachelle Johnson
Johnson Imperial Homes
Johnson-Wissing Family Foundation
Neal and Junko Jurgena
Diane and Richard Karohl
Tracey Katzberg
Richard and Shirley Kistler
Jay and Barbara Landell
Brenda McCrady
Ken and Brenda McKenzie
Brad Moncrief
John and Marsha Nelson
Roger and Audrey Harano Parigi
Matthew and Jennifer Schlachter
Caleb Schroeder
Donald and Barbara Sergeant
Douglas and Laura Singer
Vern Snider
Kenneth and Arlene Wiederspan 
Dr. Timothy and Laurie Zimmerman

********** $2,000 - $2,999 **********

Richard and Gayle Allen
Allo Communications
Jeffrey Andreasen
Sherri L. Andreasen
Greg and Denise Behrends
Mike and Diane Biere
Juliana Bohlke
Darrell and HoneyLou Bonar
William and Martha Boyd
Brant Insurance Agency LLC
Bruce Furniture
Michalee Burmester
William and Rosemary Cable
Randy and Beth Coil
Bennett and Mary Congrove
Kenneth and Shirley Coppedge
Robert A. and Mary K. Crockford
Dr. Paul and Patricia Dietze
Drake Tool & Design, Inc.
Roger and Teresa Edgington
Brent and Irina Erickson
Essence Med Spa
David and Jodi Essink
Flatwater Wealth
Dr. Don Foote
Randolph Friend
Robert and Glenda Gant
Roger and Wanda Grothen
Hastings Noon Sertoma Club
Dee and Jerri Haussler
Dick and Phyllis Hawes
Peter and Carla Hedstrom
Robert and Janice Herbek
Paul and Rhe Holm
Home Federal Bank
Timothy B. Horsham
Dr. Janet Howe
Mike and Denise Howie
Gary and Emily Johnson 
Chris Katzberg
Patrick and Kim Kern
Patricia Kneale
Douglas and Becky Koopman
Paul and Lynette Krieger
Dr. Ed and Cheryl Lockwood 
Dr. Brett and Danielle Malchow
Phil and Jackie Maynard
Bruce and Cherrie Mooers
Dean and Brenda Moors
Donna Moss 
Shawn and Monica Nordby
Jorn and Mary Olsen
Nate and Kathryn Olson
Sue Phinney
Ron and Carolyn Priebe
Justin and Kelly Reineke
Randy and Barbara Ruhter
Dr. Harry and Dr. Phyllis Salyards 
Michael Sands
Sanford Health
Aaron and Megan Schardt
Larry and Barbara Schnase
Sertoma, Inc.
Julie Simmons
Rakesh Srivastava and Anchala Prasad
Dennis and Carole Storer
James Story
Corey and Laura Stutte
Norris Swan Memorial Fund
Thomas and Carolyn Theisen
Thermo King
TLC Vet Care P.C.
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Thomas White
Dr. Paul Wibbels and Dr. Michelle Seizys
Chris and Cindy Wissing
Joyce Yen and Ben Lin

********** $1,000 - $1,999 **********

HHS Class of 1964
HHS Class of 1977
HHS Class of 1979
HHS Class of 1983
Georgene Allen
Donald Allison
Philip and Margaret Ames
Rochelle Andersen
Elaine Anderson and Mark Ginsberg
Dennis Asmus
Robin Bailey
George and Karen Baker
David and Stacy Bierman
Big G Ace Hardware
Anne Bohlke
John and Anjanette Bonham
Michele Bosilevac
Patrick and Karen Boyd
Nancy Breault
Patti Byrne
Karen Callahan
Jean Cambridge
Anne Cech
Dr. Pradipta Chaudhuri
Irene Chen and Steve Yang
Church World Services, Inc.
Curtis Clowe
Jimmie Combs
Ed and Jan Connolly
Duane and Mary Coulter
Dale and Cathy Davis
Bruce and Jayne Debus
Lance Creech
Bryan and Tracy Douglas
Philip and Sandra Dudley
Dale Duensing
Chad and Dawn Vincent Dumas
James and Kathy Duval
Gretchen Esch
David V. Evans
Kevan and Joy Exstrum
Denise Ferguson
Tom and Dr. Jill Fish
Matthew and Kaleena Fong
Alan and Andrea Frank
Gail Franzen
Gary and Susan Freeman
Lindsay Frey
Cynthia Friend
Gary Michael Clothiers
Gessford Machine Shop
Walter and Janet Hansmann
Hastings Federal Credit Union
Drew and Jan Heady
Heartland Concrete Construction
Neil and Ann Heckman
Art Herman
Don and Betty Heuermann
Debra Holmberg
Don and Pat Holt
Chris Hollister
Roger Judy Hudson
Racquel Hunsley
Idea Bank Marketing
Ingersoll Rand
Jade Rentals
Roland Jank, Jr.
Thomas and Molly Johnsen
Chris and Janna Johnson
David Johnson
Josh and Bailey Johnson
Robert L Johnson
Sondra Karr
Mary Kathman
Donald Kingsley III
Patty Kingsley
Kiwanis Club of Hastings
Terry and Susan Klatt
Scott and Jane Kleeb
Mike and Carol Kleppinger
Philip Kloepper
Amy Kort and George Smaragdis
Becki Kulwicki
Peter and Pamela Lainson
Brian and Kendra Laux
Lincoln Federal
Will and Virginia Locke
Lutz and Company PC
Don and Deb Lyons
Gregory and Ann Mays
McDermott & Miller, C.P.
Julia McDougal
Sarah McDougal
William McKean
Tom and Amy Michalek
Dennis and Marlene Mullen
Mike and Miranda Nanfito
Nebraska Choral Directors Association
Larry and Barbara Nelson
Roger and Kathleen Nelson
Erik and Ruth Nielsen
North Shore Church
William and Susan Oliver
Douglas and Stephanie Ourada
Sam Parigi
Mark and Laurie Parr
Dan Peters
Shelli Pfeifer
Dennis and Marjorie Pfeil
Michael and Nikki Pfeil
Chad and Suzanne Phinney
Gregory and Jessica Allen-Pickett
Richard and Shari Pollard
Bob and Dee Poppe
Vern and Cheryl Powers
John and Deborah Quirk
Andy and Ruth Raun
Joel and Kim Remmers
Andrew Reynolds  
RockIT Event Pros LLP
Zach and Erin Runcie
Adam and Katie Saenzpardo
Frank and Judy Sandeen
Greg and Laura Schneider
John and Jeanette Scholtz
James and Amber Schultz
Jefferey and Diane Schultz
Daniel Schwartzkopf
Cathy Shueey
Shelter Foundation
Tim and Pam Smith
Dr. Robert and Sarah Smith
Susan Sorgenfrei
Jayson and Abbi Stoddard
Gene and Kristen Stohs
Harold and Elizabeth Thaut
Steve Theesen
Peter Theoharis
Sara Theoharis
Steven Thiele
Dana Thompson
Jeff and Christina Thompson
Karen Thorn
Jon and Judy Thorsheim
Chas (Tommy) Toms Jr.
Ronda Tycer
Terry and Susan Uland
Bryan and Amy Vetter
Richard Weber
Sandra Whiston
Stacie Widhelm
Williams Flower Company and Greenhouse
John and Jami Williams
Merry Williams
Dick and Paula Witt
Dan Yost
**Located in HHS Auditorium