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Character Education

Character Education 

"Be the Key...Key


...Pass It On" (2010-2011)

...Keep On Keepin' On" (2011-2012)

...Make A Difference" (2012-2013)

...Expand the Possible" (2013-2014)

"You're the Key...You're the Difference" (2014-2015)

"You hold the Keys...Unlock your Story" (2015-2016)

"The Heart of HMS...Is YOU!" (2016-2017)

“Create the change you wish to see in the world...Live the keys.” (2017-2018)

“Live Life with Purpose / Be a Difference Maker” (2018-2019)

"DREAM   BELIEVE   ACHIEVE"  (2019-2020)

"Through the 8 Keys of Excellence, I'm becoming a person who lives with respect, responsibility, integrity and compassion."

                                         Be the Key


The 8 Keys at HMS

The 8 Keys of Excellence at HMS is an opportunity for important principles to be taught to help our students, not only on a personal level, but also through their performance in classes, as well as their overall behavior and attendance.

The 8 Keys of Excellence can help make our conversations with students more relevant.  Speaking the language and weaving the 8 Keys of Excellence into our daily practices will continue to impact our school culture.

At the start of the year, we will introduce our students to the 8 Keys of Excellence and each month from September through April we will dedicate time to be focused on each Key.

2021-2022 School Year Schedule:
6th Grade Curriculum:
An introduction to the "8 Keys of Excellence"--Hands-on experiences and heart-to-heart discussions will enhance the middle school experience and introduce the meaning of "living the key."

 7th Grade Curriculum:
A continuation and enrichment of the "8 Keys of Excellence"—focused on making an impact on our community and school through Community Impact Projects and Acts of Kindness.  The 8 Keys Poster Competition will be an opportunity for students to show what they have learned about the 8 Keys at HMS.
     Q1: Community Impact Project
     Q2: Act of Kindness
     Q3: 8 Keys Poster Competition
     Q4: Community Impact Project

8th Grade Curriculum:
Will focus on learning about the 8 Keys of Excellence through short video based discussions. Discussions will be focused on developing an understanding of the 8 Keys and making in-depth connections to real world experiences, our community, and school. After making connections to the 8 Keys, teams will plan a Community Impact Project for anytime during the 3rd Quarter. The focus of the 8 Keys curriculum is to encourage multiple intelligences, teamwork, creativity, and most importantly, a personal understanding of the 8 Keys of Excellence. These experiences will provide our students with the opportunity to communicate and interact with each other, our staff, and our community.