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Athletics, Activities, and Clubs

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7th Grade Football:  Mr. Runcie, Mr. Lindblad, Mr. Hollister  

8th Grade Football:  Mr. Adams, Mr. McPhillips, Mr. Drake

7th Grade Volleyball:  Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Olson

8th Grade Volleyball:  Mrs. Buderus, Mrs. Treat

7th & 8th Grade Cross Country:  Ms. Moran, Mrs. Miles  


7th Grade Girls Basketball: Mrs. Ochsner, Mrs. M. Trausch

8th Grade Girls Basketball:  Mrs. Kuhlman, Ms. Speake  

7th Grade Boys Basketball:  Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Mankin

8th Grade Boys Basketball:  Mr. Kissinger, Mr. Stewart

7th & 8th Grade Wrestling:  Mr. Miller, Mr. Fraser, Mr. Lindblad 


8th Grade Girls Track:  Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. E. Trausch  

8th Grade Boys Track:  Mr. Heikkinen, Mr. Drake    


6th Grade Quiz Bowl:  Mrs. Beave  

7th/8th Grade Quiz Bowl:  Mrs. Buderus, Ms. Valdes

6th Grade Spelling Bee:  Mrs. Kerr  

7th Grade Spelling Bee:  Ms. Valdes 

Band & Orchestra: Mr. Beave, Mr. Ehmke, Mr. Bernard-Stevens

Chess Club:  Mrs. Atwater, Ms. Gilmore

Drama:  Ms. Jorgensen, Mrs. Atwater 

Future Problem Solvers: Mrs. Caldwell 

Garden Club: Mr. Stoddard, Mr. Binfield, Mr. Martin

Book Club: Mrs. Neuhart, Mrs. Biere 

Ping Pong Club: 

History and Technology (HAT): Mrs. Barwick 

Skills USA:  Mr. Trindle

Student Council: Mrs. Wichelt

Vocal Small Groups:  Mrs. Janda, Mr. Huyser

Yearbook: Mrs. Nielsen