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Students of the Week: 2/28/2020

8A: Calub Clark

Our diamond is a kid who is smart with a big heart! He is kind to his classmates and teachers alike. He works hard which sets him apart. When it comes to 8a behavior he helps set the benchmark. Our Diamond is Calub Clark

8B: Joseph Amaya

This kid wouldn't trick ya
He is always going to be nice to ya
He will always work hard for ya
If he has a question, he’ll ask ya
Our 8B Brainiac of the week is JOSEPH AMA-YA

7A: Jaret Kiiker

He likes to joke around and have fun

But if his friends have a problem he will offer a great solution

He works hard and we love having him in class

He doesn’t mind sharing and giving what he has

He’s the kind of kid everyone likes having around

And if people are having fun that’s where he will be found

We are thankful for his humor 

And glad that he brightens our day

Congrats to our 7A Titan, Jaret Kiiker

7B: Dakotah McCoy

Our Panther this week is a positive example to follow. He strives to do his best everyday in the classroom. We are impressed by his dedication to activities outside of school. We are glad you are on team 7B, Dakotah McCoy! 

6A: Brooklyn Duncan

Brooklyn is new to us this year at HMS and we are lucky to have her! Brooklyn, you work hard in your classes and give your best effort. You are friendly and kind to everyone around you. We know you will do great things here at HMS.

6B: Isabelle Kusek

Our student of the week is an absolute sweetheart of a girl.  She’s very willing to help out classmates and teachers and usually has a smile on her face.  If you need to be cheered up or encouraged, find Isabelle, because we’ve heard her doing a lot of both when others seem down.  Isabelle is a great example of living the #bekind idea, and it’s our pleasure having her on team 6B.

 Students of the Week: 2/21/2020

8A:Sabrina Hartman

“She's never a sleepa, work hard she's gunna, get to know her oughta. Teach her we wanna... Lets let out a holla for Sabrina”

8B:Brittany Lucero Vazquez

This girl is legit

Integrity she has IT

With her peers she does FIT

To learning she will always commit

We don’t want to omit

Our 8B Student of the Week...Brit!

7A: Luis Rodriguez

He’s a quiet leader that leads by example

We think he’s quite remarkable

He keeps his word, and sets a high standard

He is willing to step in, lend a helping hand

And help someone if they don’t understand

We are elated to have him on our team

Our 7A teams says

Congratulations Luis Rogriguez

7B: Alexis Sheehan

Our Panther this week is one great student! 

We are proud to say, we've noticed much improvement. 

We are impressed by your creativity

And your involvement in different activities. 

We love your eagerness to learn! 

Congratulations, Alexis Sheehan

6A: Matthew Brailita

Matthew is the 6A student of the week.  Matthew lights up the room with his warm smile and good nature.  We love how Matthew always strives for excellence in all he does.  He takes the time to ask questions if he doesn't understand something and is just an overall great guy.  Matthew, you are MAGNIFICENT!

6B: Brooke Ochsner

A competitor, hard worker, sweetheart of a student . . . . these words all describe our Leopard of the week. This young lady can hit it out of the park in the classroom by studying and using her time so wisely.  She also is a thoughtful friend who is willing to

help others when she sees they need it.  We are so happy to have Brooke Ochsner brightening our hallways on Team 6B every day!

Students of the Week: 2/13/2020

8A: Mason Hill

I repeat this is not a drill, I need you all to sit extremely still. This young man is a motivated, conscientious student. He is a positive leader and a good friend. It's been an absolute thrill teaching Mason Hill. 

8B:  Drake Anderson

Our student of the week is not a fake.

His commitment to learning takes the cake.

With his positive attitude, he gives us a break

And for goodness sake, he is always awake! 

Our 8B Student of the Week is Drake Anderson.

7A: Ashton Fischer

He’s quite hard-working and gives a lot of effort

And we know he’s a spelling expert!

He is a young man that does what he needs to do

And he’s always quick to give a polite thank you.

We are 100% sure

That our 7A Titan of the week is 

Ashton Fischer

7B: Eli Schneider

Our Panther this week is a helpful guy. 

He is one we can count on, and that is no lie.

Teachers have taken much notice

Of your respect, hard work and focus. 

We congratulate you this week, Eli! 

6A: Nora Strom

Nora Strom is anything but a STORM! She's the sunshine after the storm. We love Nora's smile, laugh, and positive attitude. She brightens up our classes and everyone around her. Keep on spreading your sunshine, Nora! 

6B: Payzlee Andersen.  Hard-working, conscientious, friendly, polite . . . . these adjectives describe our 6B Leopard this week.  She balances having fun with friends in class with focusing on her academics -- that’s a great talent! Paylee Andersen, thanks for all that you do!