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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 1/13/2022

8A: Calvyn King

"Focus he always brings, the praises we can sing, he does very well at everything. We are happy youre on our team, Calvyn King"



7A: Brady Scheierman 

This guy’s the best

He’s just cool bro

A real nice kid

With long hair flow

He has lots of good qualities,

Treats others with respect

He’s great in men’s club

What else would you expect?

He’ll go on to do great things

He can be whatever he wants to be

Enlist in the navy

A teacher maybe?

He always does the best he can

I bet his favorite vehicle is a van

I know I’m definitely a fan

He’s been great since the school year began

Let’s clap as hard as we can

For our very own Brady Scheierman!!!!


7B: Silas Haynes


You will never throw away your shot.

In fact, you are an original.

Without you, it would be brutal.

Look around; look around at how lucky we are to be alive with you!

We cannot wait to see your debut.

Your future is bright.

You WILL be in the room where it happens.

Thank you, Missy B!

Congratulations, Silas Haynes


6A: Adian Schmailzl - Adian brings such a positive energy to any classroom he is in.  He wears a smile on his face that brightens up the room.  He is polite and always willing to participate.  We really enjoy Adian and what he brings to the team.

6B: Bronx Katzberg - 

Here’s what we appreciate about our Student of the Week: 

1) His great attitude toward school and learning

2) His ability to take ownership for his actions

3) His habit of making good choices when his friends may not be

4) His smile that lights up our hallway and classrooms

Who are we talking about? The one, the only . . . . . Bronx Katzberg!

Students of the Week: 1/6/2021

8A: Nyah Ruff

8B:Lars Oakley

This kid will go far

He sets a high bar

On our team, he is a shining star

His attitude is on par

Our 8B Student of the Week is Lars! 

7A: Rebecca Schmidt 

She does everything that is asked

She is very sweet and kind

With a great smile and positive attitude 

she completes whatever she’s tasked

I think all of our kids can go far

And this girl will for sure

Her mind is strong 

And her heart is pure

I’m very proud of this student

She’s the kind of kid that others like to be around

Her kindness is evident

And her knowledge profound

She never throws a fit

If you need an answer she knows it

When things get tough she won’t quit

Come on, you know who I’m talking about

Our very own Rebecca Schmidt!

7B: Caylen Donner

We’ve seen this young lady shine all year long

She knows who she is and is very headstrong

We are so proud of your leadership ways

We enjoy you always 

Congrats, Caylen Donner!

6A: Kylie Ansbach - Kylie is a super awesome, super sweet, spectacular student! We love how Kylie’s quiet leadership inspires others to do the right thing and live above the line. Keep on being awesome, Kylie!

6B: Madeline Helwick – This rock star has been kicking some 6B heinie since the first day she entered the pod.  She’s got a positive attitude, great work ethic, and seems to be able to get along with different folks. We also like how she stands up for what she believes and lives with integrity. Mady Helwick, thanks for being a great student!