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Students of the Week: 4/12/2019

8A: Landon Weidner

The Brand in 8a is one of kindness and work ethic. These traits will land you in an arena of academic and social success. As we slowly approach the end of the school year, we hope that you carry these traits into high school, as they will also Landon you in a place to make a significant difference.

8B: Jimmy Troung

His academics are strong

Even though we won't have him for long

You can't go wrong with our student of the week

Jimmy Troung

7A: Rebekah Evans

She cares deeply, is quick to listen and works hard always

She is smart, musical and talented in so many ways

She is sweet, kind and full of joy

She’s a student that we all enjoy

She will definitely impact this world we live in

And we know she will do it with her sweet grin

On our 7A team, she has made quite the impression

Congrats to our amazing

Rebekah Evans

7B: Charlie Bryant

Wow! This kid has sure made a dent

We are proud  what he has done to ascend

He lives the 8 Keys

He makes it look like a breeze

He doesn’t take revenger

He loves the Avengers

We all agree!

Our llama is Charlie!

6A: Yoseline Mejorada

Yoseline, your team thinks you are a dream! We are so very lucky that you joined us this year. We love how you've adjusted to a new school and worked hard to be a positive and productive student. We know you will do great things next year and can't wait to see what goals you accomplish.

6B: Beonka Peck

This quiet student is a real go-getter academically.  She asks questions to make sure she understands assignments and that helps her succeed!  She also is respectful in the classroom and other parts of the school, and that is great to see.  Beonka Peck, we are glad we have you and your great attitude on our team!

Students of the Week: 4/5/2019

8A: Emma Synek

We are excited to tell you about this weeks SOW. She works hard and always speaks with good purpose, her kindness is in surplus. She understands that THIS IS IT, woot woot for Emma Synek

8B: Gwen Shuler

She couldn't be much cooler

It's really hard to fool her

She could be a ruler

Here's the rumor

Our student of the week is Gwen Shuler

7A: Jamison Walker

He helps others out who are in need

Our expectations he does exceed

Having him in class is quite delightful

He cares for others and is mindful

It is no shocker

To announce our 7A Student of the Week

Jamison Walker

7B: Lainey Benson

It’s amazing what we’ve gained

An amazing young lady

Who lives the 8 keys

She really is the bee’s knees

She’s upped her game

She’s never mundane

And for that, we cannot complain

Congrats, to our Laine-y!

6A: Kadyn Aflague

Our Kadyn is one A-OKAY dude. He's always there with a warm smile and a friendly hello. We notice how Kadyn goes out of his way to reach out and check in. He's trustworthy and kind. Thanks for being such a great guy, Kadyn Aflague.

6B: Kavan Scribner  

Our student of the week is a great guy to have around.  He's a fun student to have in class, and he's able to have fun for a few minutes and then get back to work. He is also cheerful and willing to work hard to get something done.  Kavan, thanks for being a sixth grader on Team 6B!