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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 2/9/2018

8A: Emma Consbruck

Her silence screams with excellence,

She has a lot of common sense

Her focus is unwavering,

Her great work we are savoring

We can't believe our good luck

in getting to teach this Consbruck

Emma Consbruck, you are the 8A diamond of the week.

8B: Aubry Jones

Our 8B Champion this week sets the TONE

Her learning she OWNS

She is a girl we wish we could CLONE

Great persistence she has SHOWN

OUR 8B Champion is AUBRY JONES!

7A: Jaziel Ramos Castillo

The 7A Dragon of the Week has a shining smile.

A list of his talents is easy to compile.

He spreads joy wherever he goes.

When a peer needs some cheer, he knows.

Congrats to Jaziel Ramos Castillo, the student whose smile is long like a mile.

On 7A, we like your style.

7B: Anna Brandt

We are going on a positive rant

Our Unicorn this week never says can’t

She works hard

She puts in her best effort

Our Unicorn this week is Anna Brant!

6A: Candice Donner

Candice Donner is our 6A student of the week. She works hard in everything she does and her hard work pays off. Candice is on the Quiz Bowl team and one of our Spelling Bee competitors. Candice is kind-hearted, helpful, and a good friend.  #BeKind #BeLikeCandice

6B: Grace Clements.  

Our student this week deserves her name because she is full of grace.  She treats others with respect and kindness and stays on top of her schoolwork in the meantime.  She is also "Grace"ful in the hallways.  Grace Clements, you are a great 6B Leopard.

Students of the Week:  2/2/2018

8A: Connor Riley

This 8A student is full of honor

His attitude keeps him flying high or

Rubbing of on others kindly

Finding ways of helping blindly

He is quiet, true and never sours

We are so glad that Connors ours.

Connor Riley is the 8A Diamond of the week.

8B: Joshua Mellinger

J is for Jolly all the time

O is for Outstanding student

S is for Speaking with good purpose

H is for High achieving

U is for Understanding of others

A is for Always building up rather than tearing down

Our 8B Champion is JOSHUA MELLINGER!

7A: Abby Kendall

The 7A Dragon of the Week is an excellent student.

She works hard and is prudent.

She has a kind heart.

She is also quite smart.

This student sure is savvy.

We are lucky to have Abby.

Congrats Abby Kendall!

7B: Ian Waite

We couldn’t WAITE to shout it in the lunchroom.

We won’t WAITE to holler it down our pod.

We might WAITE to say anything until you figure out you’re our Unicorn this week.

IAN, the WAITE is over! Thank you for being the hardworking, polite, and responsible young man you are! Congrats, Ian Waite!

6A: Daniel Glaze

We like you how you come in every day and give your very best. You have a great work ethic and great character. We know that you have all the right tools to be very successful in the future and we know it's bright.

6B: Jackson Ramirez Calderon

Jackson is a go-getter who wants to succeed in school and life.  He's polite and organized and seems to get along with everybody.  Jackson is a great kid who we're happy to honor as student of the week!