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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 11/30/2018

8A: Desiree Rousseau

This is a student that you all  know.

She is SO kind to her classmates!  Way to GO!

She does her work!  Way to GO!

She shows up everyday for class!  Way to GO!

She participates in class!  Way to GO!

She works hard for her good grades!  Way to GO!

She is conscientious in her work!  Way to GO!

Desiree Rousseau!  WAY TO GO!

8B: Liv Washington

This girl has a lot to give

We love when she is positive

Our student of the week is Liv......Washington.

7A: Carlos Perez

This 7A student is a
Phenomenal young man
He is sweet and polite
And a true gentleman
He's dependable, trustworthy and definitely
One that stands out above the rest
We think he is one of our very best
Because he's full of integrity and honor in all that he says
We are honored to pick our very own 7A Griffin
Carlos Perez

7B: Jazbel Pena

We have something to tell

Our Llama this week is quite swell

She rocks the whole school thing

We could all learn from what she brings

Congrats to our own Jazbel!

Jazbel Pena, you are amazing! Woot!


6A: Erik Carrasco

Erik Carrasco is our 6A Student of the Week.  Erik, you a kind person and good friend. We notice how you do the right thing, even when it is hard. You do a great job in class showing others how to do the right thing in class.  We appreciate your work ethic and commitment to doing your very best. Keep up the great work.

6B: Isaac Kelley

Quiet, resourceful, respectful, hard-working  . . . . . Isaac Kelley is all of these and more.  He's involved in school activities and helps create some of the awesome activities that happen in the library after school.  We are glad you're here, Isaac, and that you're using your abilities to improve our school!

Students of the Week: 11/16/2018

8A: Brandon Woods

Our students are all so different.  You come in different BRANDS.

This BRAND lives this is it.  

This BRAND uses such great manners.

This BRAND does what's right when nobody is watching.

This BRAND is committed to getting good grades.

This BRAND is responsible in every class.

The BRAND quietly does what he is asked.

Way to go BRANDon Woods!

8B: Josiah Wilkie
He is a man of Integrity
A leader in him we all see
Our Student of the Week will be.
Josiah Wilkie

7A: Mason Kusek

Our 7a Griffin is an upstanding young man

He does his best every chance he can

He is hardworking and dedicated

In all that he does
He’s a quiet and strong leader

And he doesn’t brag about it either

It is easy to see why our pick

of the week is

Mason Kusek

7B: Daniel Glaze

Our Llama this week is polished with manners.

He has a sheen of kindness.

A thick coat of quiet leadership covers him.

We love seeing the glint of a smile in his bright face.

However one says it: polish, sheen, coat, glint, or even GLAZE, we are very proud of our student of the week, Daniel Glaze!

6A: Bailey Hickok

The 6A student of the week is Bailey Hickok.  Bailey you are a super star on Team 6A. We notice your strong character day in and day out.  We also appreciate your drive to succeed in academics and in responsibility. Bailey, your future is bright.  Keep your light shining.

6B: Jenna Ochsner

Hard worker, great communicator, great friend . . . . with our student of the week, you get the whole package!  This gal takes her education seriously and is a great model for how to be a great student! Jenna Ochsner, we're so glad you're on team 6B and look forward to seeing how high you can fly in school!