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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 12/1/2017

8A: Joey White

Our 8A diamond this week is out of sight

His demeanor is always pleasant and polite

He does his work with skill and care

We'd take him with us anywhere

We really like our Joey White

Joseph White is the 8A Diamond of the week!

8B: Colton Kinney

We are so lucky our 8B Champion is on our team!

And guess what? He IS as kind as he seems!

A positive leader and a super hard worker - he makes us beam!

"This kid is awesome!, We just want to scream.

Colton Kinney- thanks for being YOU!

7A: Raena Northrup

This 7A Dragon sure is smart.

Her grades are off the chart.

Even though she's brilliant, she remains humble.

Not even once have I heard her grumble.

She is a quiet leader.

And an avid reader.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise-

Raena Northrup is the student we want to recognize!

7B: Taidyn Johnson-Bates

It didn’t take long to scour the United States

for us to find a Student of the Week who motivates

She does a great job

She works out any prob

Congratulations, our Taidyn Bates

6A:Noah Veik

The 6A student of the week is Noah Veik. Noah, it goes without saying that we think you are awesome. We notice your strong character day in and day out. We also appreciate your drive to succeed in academics and in responsibility. Noah, your future is bright. Keep your light shining.

6B: Addiel Abella

Our spotlight this week works hard in class and consistently go above and beyond to help others. He chooses to be kind and considerate and includes the 8 Keys into his daily life. Thank you for being a stand out student Addiel.

Students of the Week 11/17/2017

8A: Joey Lintz

In the sea of middle school this student is a life buoy

Her smile and effort are things of joy

She's kind of heart

always ready to start

What a kind, genuine soul we have in Joey

Joey Lintz is out 8A diamond of the week!


Our 8B Champion wins the race!

She is the girl to chase!

She always wears a smile on her face!

She is the best and that is the case!

GRACE Randell is the 8B champion of the week!

7A: Lyandro Leon

Leo Leon

Shines bright like neon

Has a smile every day

Sports, he sure can play

He has a warm heart

And truly stands apart

Congrats to the Dragon of the Week, Lyandro Leon!

7B: Nathan Consbruck

Our student of the week is very willing to thoroughly disgust his teachers with his creative writing (in a good way.)  His sense of humor shines through in everything he does.  He also does a great job of working hard when it is time to buckle down.  We really enjoy having him as a 7B Unicorn.  Nathan Consbruck aka Natester Pete you are our 7B student of the week!!  

6A: Kailyn Schafer

Kailyn Schafer is a quiet leader in the classroom, but she definitely makes her actions heard.  She works hard in and out of the classroom.  She speaks with good purpose and is kind to others.  We are impressed by her positive demeanor and the example she is setting as 6A's student of the week.     

6B: Quinlan Braun

Our student this week isn't just one in a million -- she's one in a "quintillion!"  That's right -- Quinlan Braun is a star in the classroom with her inquisitive mind and desire to excel.  She also is a friendly face to teachers and students alike.  Quin, we think that you are a fantastic student and the kind of student who lives the 8 Keys every day.  Thank you for being on our team!