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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 11/22/2019

8A:Samantha Miller

8B:Jacob Good

Get good grades, he would.  

Be kind to others, he would. 

Work hard for the team, he would.  

Stand up for what is right, he would.  

He’s the best in the hood! 

Our 8B Student of the week is Jacob Good

7A:Owen Weiss

We are so glad to have this student on our 7A team

He lives out the 8 Keys and we know we can trust him

He is kind, loving, gentle and always has nice things to say

He brings a smile to our faces each and every day

He is diligent, hard-working and dependable

We think he is pretty incredible

We are sure by now you have surmised 

That our 7A Titan is

Owen Weiss

7B:Biana Truong

6A: Aubrial Vacek

How we love our sweet Aubri! She is a sweetheart on the 6A pod.  Aubrial works hard and participates enthusiastically in class. We  love your smile and positive attitude! Keep on doing great work!

6B: Chandler Carlson

Our student of the week has so much zest and love for learning that it’s fun to watch!  He attacks his assignments and projects with the goal of doing his very best every time.  He also finds true joy in reading and is fun to discuss books with. Finally, he treats everybody around him with respect and kindness.  Chandler Carson, keep being such a great student!

Students of the Week:  11/15/2019

8A: Saul Valenzuela Quiroz

Thanks for coming to SHCaul, with the intention to Raul. Your attention in class, and kindness toward others has made your teachers proud of Yaouuuu.. Our sow is Saul!!

8B: Hannah Bucknell 

She’s always filling out her plan-ah

She’s got great mann-ahs

She always has the answ-ah

She speaks with great gramm-ah

We are a Fan-ah 

The wonderful Hannah... Bucknell!

7A: Zachary Esser

Our 7A Titan of the week is a respectful young man

He works hard and helps out whenever he can.

He is an avid reader and has a great work ethic

He is kind, generous and sympathetic.

His outstanding character is beyond measure

Congrats Zachary Esser

7B: Alex Tomlin

Our Panther this week is quite a shining star.

He is a quiet leader in our classes by far.

We enjoy his leadership skills in our hall.

He seems to know the correct protocol.

We wish more students would be like him

The pride we have is full to the brim!

Congrats to our student of the week

Alex Tomlin!

6A:  Lyssa Hoffman

There is so much to love about Lyssa! She is a leader in the classroom by showing others what it takes to be a top-notch student.  Lyssa, we are excited to see what your future holds! Keep up your awesome work! 

6B: Chloe Katzberg

Our 6B student of the week goes to Chloe Katzberg.  Not only does this ball player tear it up on the court, she works just as hard in the classroom.  She comes to school every day with a great attitude and is a positive leader on the team. Chloe, thank you for making our team a better place to be!