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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 2/14/2019

8A: Nathan Consbruck

"Roses are red

Violets are blue

Nathan Consbruck is our SOW,

your teachers thank you"

8B: Josh Truong

About this guy, we can sing a song!

His character is very strong!

With everyone, he gets along!

With 8B he belongs!

Can't go wrong!

With Josh Truong!

7A: Nataya Tracey

Our student of the week is

Sweet, compassionate and helpful

And she is full of potential!

She gives an easy smile

And she knows that being kind

Never goes out of style!

We love having her on our team

And when we see her we beam!

As you can see

She’s a phenomenal lady

Congrats to

Nataya Tracy

7B: Alex Henriquez Hernandez

This week’s Llama always does his paperwork.

We appreciate his leadership in our classes.

He’s a budding artist and a great one at that

He also brings the right amount of humor to his classes

Congrats to our very own Roz!

a.k.a Alex Henriquez Hernandez

a.k.a Frederick

6A: Blake Schiffbauer

Blake Schiffbauer is a 6A rock star. Every day, in every way, this guy is getting it done. He's getting involved in school activities and blazing his path to greatness. We can't wait to see what Blake will accomplish at HMS and beyond.  

6B: Devin Motley

A quiet student in class who is organized and responsible, Devin is a great kid who gets along with his peers and the adults in the building.  He helps other students when they need it, and he is involved in activities outside of school. He also has always showed his teachers integrity by matching up his values with his actions and doing the right thing.  Devin Motley, you are our Student of the Week!

Students of the Week: 2/8/2019

8A: Selina Lopez Lee

When deciding on our SOW, there was not much hesitation from any of us this week. You’re very consistent with attitude/attendance/participation. Balance and Ownership are the keys embodied by the 8A SOW, Selina Lopez Lee.

8B: Lucy Pfeil

She goes the mile

She always has a smile

Turn up the dial for Lucy Pfeil

7A: Alex Hafer

This young man gives an easy smile

and a quick hello

Wherever he goes

He is hard working and

perseveres no matter

what comes his way

He’s a joy to be around

And with many, he can find common ground

We know that he has a huge heart and

Is willing to help a friend or a neighbor

Congrats to our 7A Griffin

Alex Hafer

7B: Lexi Benson

Hey! I need your attention!

Our llama this week is one hard working lady

We never see from her any tension

for she has a cool sense of humor

Unless she’s in detention

JK-we also have a sense of humor

She knows when to be serious

She is a wonderful friend

We see her living the 8 Keys

Give me your attention!

For now we must mention

our very own Lexi Benson!

Congrats to our Student of the Week!

6A: Cori Barwick

One of the best things about Cori is how much she cares. Cori spreads kindness everywhere she goes, and her kindness is backed up with good deeds. Not only that, she works hard, cares about her academics, and works hard to build relationships with others. Way to go, Cori!

6B: Elizabeth Perry

Our student this week is a good example of how hard work leads to success.  Aside from being a truly kind person, she works so hard in class that it's a pleasure for any teacher to watch!  She also is organized and responsible -- what a great combination! Elizabeth Perry, you are a fantastic student of the week!