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Students of the Week: 5/11/2018

8A: Sarah Oeltjen

Our final Diamond of 2018 plays her own tune.

We are sure her effort will carry on long past June

Her energy is high, her errors are low

Hastings high is getting a true gem, we know

Sarah Oeltjen is the 8A Diamond of the week.

8B: Roberto Morales

Oh the places he will GO!

His grades are never LOW

He has many friends in TOE

His kindness does SHOW

His personality GLOW

Academics he is a PRO

OUR 8B Champion is ROBERTO Morales

7A: Jenna Bennett

Who's a Dragon

whose skills no know limit?,

If a teacher needs help

She's there in a minute.

Who is this awesome girl?

It's Jenna Bennett!

7B: Lavon Handler

Welp, we saved the best for last.

Our Unicorn this week rises to the top of the class.

We’ll sure miss this 7th grader

Our very own Lavon-inator!

Congratulations, Lavon Handler!

6A: Jamison Walker

Jamison is a kind, hard working guy who is a friend to all. He has done a great job of making his mark on us at HMS. We'll miss you next year, but know you will do great things in 7th grade!

6B: Bree Anne Witte

We are ending the night on a high note with Bree Anne Witte.  Bree is a great student who takes school seriously and is willing to do the work to be successful.  She speaks with good purpose and meets both students and staff with a friendly smile every day. Bree Anne, we have appreciated you all year and can't wait to see your future!

Students of the Week: 5/4/2018

8A: Elie Tako

Our Diamond this week could be his own superhero

His high energy propels him from class to class like a beam of light.

He masterminds his work with artful intelligence

His charm and wit are things of legend

Super Elie is our superhero, Elie Tako is the 8A diamond of the week.

8B: Brooklyn Rutt

She has the sweetest GRIN

She has great character withIN

An outstanding student she has BEEN

Brook-LYN Rutt for the WIN!

7A: Perla Barahona

Who is a hard-working gal,

that spreads kindness wherever she goes?

She has a great smile,

and her own kind of style,

Perla Barona is that gal!

7B: Nizel Espinoza Nunez

We've seen our Unicorn this week really step up her game.

She's helpful to her classmates in need.

We appreciate her integrity.

We know she'll go far in life.

Nizel Espinoza, you rock!

6A: Rylan Nordby

Rylan Nordby is the 6A Student of the week. Rylan has had a great ride during his 6th grade year at HMS. We're very proud of the way he challenges himself to do his very best and takes extra time to put forth his best efforts. Rylan we love your positive attitude and your stick-with-it-ness. Keep on doing great things.

6B: Abhi Srivastava

What a rock star!  We saved one of the best for last . . . Abhi is a fantastic student and makes excellent goals for himself.  He also gets along great with the students and staff around him and gets involved in school activities. Abhinav, we are glad you are a student on Team 6B!