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Students of the Week: 5/17/2019

8A: Janess Dullesco

"Excited for our SOW! She always gives her best, her actions bring up the rest. As you enter high school, enjoy the quest and avoid the stress. Thank you Janess!"

8B: Lizeth Munoz Becerra

Who knows the girl who quietly does the right thing?

Who knows the girl who likes to try new things?

Who knows the girl who always gives her best?

Who knows LIZETH MUNOZ Becerra!!!

Our 8B Champion of the week is Lizeth Munoz Becerra!

7A: Victor Palacios

Respectful, hard-working, and a joy to have around

He can work quietly and not make a sound

But he speaks up and says the right thing when needed

And he gives an easy smile when he’s greeted

Our 7A team chose

An amazing young man

Congrats Victor Canas Palacios

7B: Alayna Stephenson

Alayna Stephenson is our Llama this week.

We are so lucky that she joined our HMS family.

She’s kind

She’s dedicated

She’s involved

Look out, world

Cuz she’s on fire!

Congrats, Alayna!

6A: Kiley Thelander

Kiley Thelander! How did we get to this point in the year without recognizing our Kiley?  Kiley, you are terrific. We appreciate all of your hard work and living above the line. It's been so great to have you on our team and we look forward to great things from you!

6B: Madison Hinrichs

A sweetheart of a student, our final student of the week is a hard-working girl who loves music.  You might have noticed her humming while she works during class! Another great thing about this student is that she is concerned with keeping her grades up -- we love seeing students who care about their success at school!  Madison Hinrichs, thanks for being part of 6B this year!

Students of the Week: 5/10/2019

8A: Nathan Glaze

"Our SOW is one to amaze, heres his opportunity for praise; he works hard at anytime of the day, staying after school chasing good grades. Your teachers are proud of you as a student, but even more as a person. Keep it up Nathan Glaze!!"

8B: Karson McClellan

You'll go far, Son

You're above Par, Son

You have risen to the bar, son.

You've become a star, son.

Our 8B champion of the week is KAR-son McClellan.

7A: Victor Le

A young man with a great sense of humor

He is a pro with a computer

He is quick to give a smile

And he knows kindness will never go out of style

He’s a joy to have  on our 7A team

Having him around makes us beam

Oh, who can our Student of the Week be?

None other than Victor Le

7B: Dane Warner

We are impressed with our Llama’s brain

In his classes, he always maintains

He’s one-of-a-kind

His kindness gives us peace of mind

Our Llama this week is Dane!

Congrats, Dane Warner!

6A: Hailey Gordon

Hailey Gordon is the 6A student of the week. We love Hailey's enthusiasm and positive attitude. We love her kindness and work ethic. Hailey, you've had a great year and we know you are going to continue to make your mark at HMS next year and after.

6B: Noah Tripe

What a great team we have -- even in May, it's easy for 6B teachers to look around and find a responsible, hard-working student who we think deserves being Student of the Week.  While this student may be pretty quiet in class, we see him making good decisions in the hallway and classroom. He uses integrity here at HMS, and we really appreciate that! Noah Tripe, thanks for being a 6B student!