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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 12/20/2019

8A: Evan Struss

S-Sincere with his word


R-Responsible with his academics

U-Unequivocally destined to succeed

S- Strussel 

S- Smart and sophisticated

8B: Maricarmen Apodaca

Our 8B Student of the Week is a star-ee.

Her dedication to learning has her on our radar-ee.

On her record there is not a scar-ee.

We know this girl will go far-ee.

We are talking about none other than Mari!

7A: Camryn Horstmann

She’s kind, funny and has a big heart

She’ll be a friend of yours right from the start

She works unbelievably hard 

and is committed to do her best

She loves life and is full of zest

Our team thinks she’s a lot of fun 

She brings a smile to everyone

Congrats to our 7A Titan Cam Hortsman!

7B: Erik Carrasco

Our Panther this week claims he’s not good.

Well, we are here to declare that’s a false statement.

Not only does he do what he’s supposed to, he does it as a peer leader.

Kids look up to him.

Teachers enjoy his company in class. 

Yep, Erik Carrasco is great indeed. Congrats!

6A: Madison Fielder 

We are simply MAD about Madison! We love how she does sixth grade. She’s always willing to put in hard work to do her very best and achieve success. Madison is kind in heart and strong in character. Keep being awesome, Madison! 

6B:  Esmeralda Angeles Aulner 

Not only does Essy have a beautiful name (Esmeralda . . .  .sounds like a Disney queen!), she has a beautiful personality and work ethic.  Essy notices when classmates needs help, and if she can help, she jumps in. Also, she works so hard to succeed in her classes, and by golly, it works!  Essy, keep being amazing!

Students of the Week: 12/13/2019

8A: Taylor Delaney

Positive qualities are easy to see,

you make plays in the classroom like a football qb.

First name Taylor, Last name Delaney

a key cog in our 8a family. 

8B:Titan Chavez

This student about which we’re writin’

Has never been in trouble for fightin’.

In class, he will enlighten’.

His classmates and teachers he’s always delighten’.

Our 8B Student of the Week is Titan….Chavez!

7A: Paige Faimon

She’s sweet, kind and an all-around amazing young lady

She’s attentive and always ready

She is hard-working, loving and helpful

And above all else, she is very respectful

We are excited to announce with much enthusiasm

Our 7A student of the week

Paige Faimon

7B: Mia Pedroza

We are lucky to have our Panther On team 7b! She is a quiet, hardworking young lady.

We appreciate her work ethic. We appreciate her leadership skills.

We appreciate her! Mia Pedroza, thanks for being you!

6A: Anthony Kuehn

We loves Anthony’s attitude in sixth grade. He works hard, participates in class, and does the right thing. We also like how if Anthony makes a mistake, he owns it, learns from it, and keeps on going. Anthony lives the 8 Keys of Success and is headed down the path to great success.

6B:  Broeyn Hartman

Broeyn is killing it in sixth grade this year!  He uses great student skills like making up assignments when he’s gone or asking questions when something is unclear.  He’s also super organized and keeps track of his assignments and that seems to lead to his success! Another thing we’ve enjoyed about Broeyn is how he can have fun in school and stay out of trouble -- he’s a great example of “Speak with Good Purpose” as well!   Broeyn, we look forward to the rest of the year with you in our hallway and classes!