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Students of the Week: 10/4/2019

8A: "This week in team meetings we spent some time adorin, your willingness to work; which shows school is never borin'. Hard work pays off, which has you scorin' and soarin' in class. Happy to tell you about the never borin, Sydney Norlen. 

8B: Braden Ochsner

This kid...we wouldn’t trade him

His light’s never fadin’

He always gets his grades in.

He probably likes bacon.

Our Brainiac of this week is the

Wonderful, marvelous, Braden….Ochsner!


Polite, kind and attentive

He is a phenomenal young man 

That always has a positive perspective

He works hard and always has a plan

We are glad he is part of our 7A garden crew

He is a student that we think is pretty stellar

Congrats to 

Leo Redler

7B: Gracey Kaiser

Graceful young lady

Realistic and thoughtful

Alert and delightful



Youthful, wonderful, a Great choice for our Panther this week!

Gracey Kaiser

6A: Jeshua Machado - We really like how Jeshua has started his new life as an HMS student. He's got a smile, a positive attitude and has shown us that he's ready to work and ready to learn. Way to live the "This is it" Key, Jeshua!

6B:  Emmett Kelley -- Emmett is a great student who has a positive attitude and works hard. We’ve noticed his focus in class, “get-it-done” attitude in ELO, and friendliness in class and in the pod.  Keep it up, Emmett!

Students of the Week 9/26/2019 

8A: Jonah Fagiolo

J- Jovial personality

O- Obedient

N- Never lets down his teachers

A- Assertive personality

H- Hardworking 

8B: Ana Morales

We WANNA tell you how amazing she is

She is GONNA move mountains someday

We love her a TONNA

Our 8B Brainiac of the week is ANA Morales

7A: Kind, big-hearted, a helper and friend

She’s a student that we highly recommend

She cares for others and serves in a million ways

She always brightens our day

Because she knows just what to say

Congrats to our 7A Titan that is our weekly pick

Cori Barwick

7B:We have a lot of wonderful things to say about our Panther this week, Devin Motley!

We see him living the 8 keys.

We see him doing the right thing in his classes.

We see his kindness to others.

We are so glad he’s one of ours!

Congrats, Devin!

6A: Ava Satterly...Ava is a ray of sunshine on the 6A team. Her quiet enthusiasm brightens our pod every single day. She lives above the line in every thing she says and does. Ava goes out of her way to be kind to others and does a great job on her work. 

6B: Mackenzie Quig -- We are so lucky to get to work with Mackenzie every day!  Her ability to focus on what’s important is exciting to see in a sixth grader. She has fantastic school skills, and she takes pride in doing a great job every time.  Finally, Mackenzie is careful to speak with good purpose and really live the 8 Keys!