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Students of the Week

Students of the Week: 10/5/2018

8A: Charlie Coil

Her leadership is easy to see

Her kindness she hands out for free

She is conscientious, committed and consistent

This is commitment

She balances a lot: stu co, friendship, grades, soccer and volleyball

Does she live the 8 Keys?  She lives them all!

8B: Jordan Head

Kindness she does spread.

Her peers she has positively led

A successful path will tread  

Our student of the week is Jordan Head

7A: Victoria Gomez

This 7A Griffin is an extraordinary young lady

She’s polite, sweet and kind

Hard work is something she doesn’t mind

She is willing to help anyone who is in distress

And will help our team clean up any type of mess

We are excited to announce that our student of the week is

Victoria Gomez

7B: Nazareth Robinson

What can we say about our Llama this week?

Well, we’ve noticed he has a lot of razzmatazz!

Some will say he has quite a bit of pizzaz.

With his greatness, we definitely feel we’ve scored a home run

For he is known to us as Naz Robinson!

Congratulations, you awesome 7B Llama!

6A: Brodyn Bockerman

Brodyn has the work ethic of a 6A rock star.  He gives 110% and impresses us every day with his hard work, positive attitude, and quiet leadership.  Keep up your great work, Brodyn. Great things are in store for you.

6B: Diego Chojolan 

Diego is always ready to go in the morning and gets down to work from the beginning.  He works hard in class and has a positive attitude that is fun to see. We are glad that we get to see Diego's cheerful smile and great personality in our classes and the halls!

Students of the Week: 9/27/2018

8A: Logan Brooks

He is in the top of his classes

Because he is living in the moment

He knows what needs to be done

And you will likely agree he is nice to his classmates

Certainly, Logan Brooks, you are on the path to success.  

8B: Ronan O'Connell

In class, he's never zonin'

His mind is always open.

His behavior he's always ownin'

Good vibes he's always throwin'

The student we have chosen..

Is Ronan!

Ronan O'Connell is our 8B Student of the Week!

7A: Ben Wolfe

Our 7a Griffin is kind and respectful

He has an amazing work ethic

And always is grateful

He is not apathetic

And although he may be quiet

His character speaks volumes

Congratulations to our very own Ben Wolfe

7B: Karen Navarrete Figueroa

Our Llama this week leads by example, daily.

Helpfully and easily, she models kindness.

Often, she smiles, politely, in such a caring way.

She's delightfully polite and empathizes cooly.

She does so much. She does them all enthusiastically.

This week, our Llama is Karen Navarrete Figueroa!

6A: Paige Faimon

Congratulations to Paige Faimon, 6A student of the week.  Paige, you are an all-around good gal. We appreciate how you go about the business of school getting your work done, participating in class, and being kind to others.  Keep up the great work, Paige!

6B: Mia Pedroza

Mia is another quiet leader on our team who shows great character.  She is patient and understanding with other students, and she holds herself to high academic standards.  Mia also stays organized with in school and out of school activities. We are glad to have Mia on our team!