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  • Shelli_Pfeifer image
    Shelli Pfeifer
  • Adam_Boettcher image
    Adam Boettcher
    Assistant Principal
  • Bryan_Vetter image
    Bryan Vetter
    Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistants

  • Sunny_Glantz image
    Sunny Glantz
    Secondary Secretary
  • Sara_McPherson image
    Sara McPherson
    Secondary Secretary


  • Marleen_Burkhart image
    Marleen Burkhart
    MTSS Coordinator

Student Health & Safety

  • Angela_Consbruck image
    Angela Consbruck
  • Brad_Cunningham image
    Brad Cunningham
    School Resource Officer
  • Mikayla_Schultz image
    Mikayla Schultz
    Behavioral Awareness and Health Point of Contact


  • Jill_Hoppe image
    Jill Hoppe
  • Stephanie_Jacobson image
    Stephanie Jacobson
  • Michele_Kimle image
    Michele Kimle
  • Rhonda_McBride image
    Rhonda McBride
    School Psychologist
  • Lexi_Wichelt image
    Lexi Wichelt
    Instructional Facilitator (MS)
  • Bethany_Neuhart image
    Bethany Neuhart
    Media Specialist (MS)

Team 6A

  • Ruth_Nielsen image
    Ruth Nielsen
    English Teacher (6A)
  • Angela_Bardell image
    Angela Bardell
    Reading Teacher (6A)
  • Erin_Runcie image
    Erin Runcie
    Math Teacher (6A)
  • Zach_Cook image
    Zach Cook
    Science Teacher (6A)
  • Inde_Wissing image
    Inde Wissing
    Social Studies Teacher (6A)
  • Belinda_Larson image
    Belinda Larson
    Special Education Teacher (6A)

Team 6B

  • Mary_Beave image
    Mary Beave
    English Teacher (6B)
  • Hannah_Moran image
    Hannah Moran
    Reading Teacher (6B)
  • Emilee_Pratt image
    Emilee Pratt
    Math Teacher (6B)
  • Timothy_Faris image
    Timothy Faris
    Science Teacher (6B)
  • Abbi_Haynes image
    Abbi Haynes
    Social Studies Teacher (6B)
  • Lisa_Dieken image
    Lisa Dieken
    Special Education Teacher (6B)

Team 7A

  • Kassie_Neujahr image
    Kassie Neujahr
    English Teacher (7A)
  • Stephanie_Barwick image
    Stephanie Barwick
    Reading Teacher (7A)
  • Tony_Lauters image
    Tony Lauters
    Math Teacher (7A)
  • Seth_Kirkegaard image
    Seth Kirkegaard
    Science Teacher (7A)
  • Michael_McPhillips image
    Michael McPhillips
    Social Studies Teacher (7A)
  • Nicole_Hollister image
    Nicole Hollister
    Special Education Teacher (7A)

Team 7B

  • Diane_Biere image
    Diane Biere
    English Teacher (7B)
  • Jeremiah_Horacek image
    Jeremiah Horacek
    Reading Teacher (7B)
  • Tina_Pfeil image
    Tina Pfeil
    Math Teacher (7B)
  • Patrick_Mumm image
    Patrick Mumm
    Science Teacher (7B)
  • Jonathan_Lindblad image
    Jonathan Lindblad
    Social Studies Teacher (7B)
  • Teresa_Canady image
    Teresa Canady
    Special Education Teacher (7B)

Team 8A

  • Stephena_Gilmore image
    Stephena Gilmore
    English Teacher (8A)
  • Mandy_Buderus image
    Mandy Buderus
    Reading Teacher (8A)
  • Aaron_Oswald image
    Aaron Oswald
    Math Teacher (8A)
  • Matthew_Kissinger image
    Matthew Kissinger
    Science Teacher (8A)
  • Charles_Ferguson image
    Charles Ferguson
    Social Studies Teacher (8A)
  • Lindsey_Ansbach image
    Lindsey Ansbach
    Special Education Teacher (8A)

Team 8B

  • Jamie_Hickok image
    Jamie Hickok
    English Teacher (8B)
  • Ashley_Mullen image
    Ashley Mullen
    Reading Teacher (8B)
  • Zach_Runcie image
    Zach Runcie
    Math Teacher (8B)
  • Bailey_Johnson image
    Bailey Johnson
    Science Teacher (8B)
  • Deborah_Miles image
    Deborah Miles
    Social Studies Teacher (8B)
  • Lana_Dane image
    Lana Dane
    Special Education Teacher (8B)

Health Teacher

  • Cody_Ochsner image
    Cody Ochsner
    Health Teacher (MS)

Physical Education Teacher

  • Jimmie_Combs image
    Jimmie Combs
    Physical Education (MS)
  • Austin _Heikkinen image
    Austin Heikkinen
    Physical Education (MS)
  • Cheyenne_Hillman image
    Cheyenne Hillman
    Physical Education (MS)
  • Carrie_Kuhlmann image
    Carrie Kuhlmann
    Physical Education (MS)

Fine Arts Teacher

  • Jeff_Ferreri image
    Jeff Ferreri
    Art Teacher (MS)
  • Kelsey_King image
    Kelsey King
    Art Teacher (MS)
  • Lacey_Franzen image
    Lacey Franzen
    Vocal Music Teacher (MS)
  • Drew_Pennington image
    Drew Pennington
    Vocal Music Teacher (MS)
  • Troy_Ehmke image
    Troy Ehmke
    Instrumental Music-Band (MS)
  • Morgan_Sentelle image
    Morgan Sentelle
    Instrumental Music-Band (MS)
  • David_Bernard-Stevens image
    David Bernard-Stevens
    Instrumental Music-Orchestra
  • Rick_Matticks image
    Rick Matticks
    Instrumental Music-Orchestra (MS)
  • Mary_Plock image
    Mary Plock

FCS Teacher

  • Stephanie_Detamore image
    Stephanie Detamore
    Family & Consumer Sciences (MS)

Exploratory Teacher

  • Hilary_Caldwell image
    Hilary Caldwell
    Keyboarding Teacher
  • Austin _Heikkinen image
    Austin Heikkinen
    Industrial Technology (MS)
  • Mike_Trindle image
    Mike Trindle
    Industrial Technology (MS)
  • Marleen_Burkhart image
    Marleen Burkhart
    Teacher on Special Assignment
  • Jayson_Stoddard image
    Jayson Stoddard
    Teacher on Special Assignment

Special Education

  • Jenna_Jorgensen image
    Jenna Jorgensen
    Special Education Teacher
  • Michelle_Schultz-Cleveland image
    Michelle Schultz-Cleveland
    Special Education Teacher
  • Julie_Jarzynka image
    Julie Jarzynka
    Special Education (MS)
  • Daria_Pierorazio image
    Daria Pierorazio
    Special Education (MS)

English Language Teacher

  • Jenyfher_Beye image
    Jenyfher Beye
    English Language Teacher (MS)
  • Kip_Sitzmore image
    Kip Sitzmore
    English Language Teacher (MS)

Student Support Specialists

  • Mikayla_Schultz image
    Mikayla Schultz
    Home/School Liaison
  • Christie_Albers image
    Christie Albers
    Occupational/Physical Therapist
  • Kim_Wadkins image
    Kim Wadkins
    Speech Language Pathologist

Classroom Support

  • Lorraine_Atwater image
    Lorraine Atwater
  • Baleigh_Coleman
    Baleigh Coleman
  • Amanda_Cookson image
    Amanda Cookson
  • Robert_Krebsbach image
    Robert Krebsbach
  • Chelsea_MacCann image
    Chelsea MacCann
  • Dora_Martinez-Alvarado image
    Dora Martinez-Alvarado
  • Brooke_Molina image
    Brooke Molina
  • Michelle_Morales Garcia image
    Michelle Morales Garcia
  • Sara_Ostdiek image
    Sara Ostdiek
  • Barbara_Parde image
    Barbara Parde
  • Oscar_Perez image
    Oscar Perez
  • Penny_Snell image
    Penny Snell
  • Patrick_Stewart image
    Patrick Stewart
  • Sharon_Weidt image
    Sharon Weidt
  • Mary_Wolf image
    Mary Wolf

Maintenance & Grounds

  • Shannon_Bunch image
    Shannon Bunch
  • EDana_Fergus
    EDana Fergus
  • Jay_Hoffman image
    Jay Hoffman
  • Colton_Shore
    Colton Shore


  • Hilary_Caldwell image
    Hilary Caldwell
    Future Problem Solving Sponsor
  • Bryan_Vetter image
    Bryan Vetter
    Activities Director