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Walking Wildcat - Spring 2022

Join us for our last Walking Wildcats on Wednesday, May 4, 2022

(Rain Date- May 11th)

Say Hello to the Start of Summer!

Wear your sunglasses and bright colors and be part of the fun.

Our quarterly Walking Wildcats encourages students and parents to think of walking as an active, safe and healthy means of transportation. Walking to school (in all kinds of weather) is a great way to get kids to increase physical activity, teach safe walking skills, ease traffic and improve the safety and air environment around our awesome school.

Watson Elementary invites (and encourages!) all students to participate.

If possible we encourage parents to walk with their child(ren) to school or at least part way!

Those students, who live outside of reasonable walking distance can be dropped off at the following Walking Wildcat locations listed below...

  • *starts-LIBS PARK - middle of block on 14th St, turn west off Baltimore
  • next-14th and Heritage- north corner
  • last-14th and Crane- north corner will be our last pick up before school

 Students who live along the way are encouraged to join the walk as we travel by your corner!

*Our Walking Wildcats will meet at 7:20 a.m., LIB'S PARK on 14th st.

Turn west- middle of the block off Baltimore, leaving at 7:30 a.m., traveling along the north-side sidewalk of 14th Street to Watson.

Important- Please do not drop your child off or leave your child unattended before 7:20 or before you see a staff member present.

If you should have a late start, find us along the scheduled route.

Please do not drop your child off alone at the park AFTER we have already begun our journey.

There will not be staff at the drop off prior to 7:20 or after 7:30.

Thank you for your help in keeping your child safe.

New This Year:

A free, light breakfast (muffin, cheese stick & juice) will be served. Weather permitting, we may eat picnic-style!

If it should rain, walking will be cancelled/postponed and you will need to bring your child to school.