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  • Mrs. Schultz's class community project image

    Watson students in Mrs. Schultz's class are learning about community service by collecting holiday items to donate to Start Over Rover. Volunteers brought a few of the animals to school for a special… read more

  • 4th Graders with the dioramas of Nebraska Native American Tribes image

    The 4th graders have been studying the Native American Tribes that lived in Nebraska. Each student made a PowerPoint about their selected tribe that included the type of homes they lived in, the… read more

  • 5th Graders with their U.S. President Biographies image

    Watson 5th graders chose a U.S. President to write a research paragraph describing their accomplishments while in office. They then constructed biography hangers that looked like their president.… read more

  • Mrs. Schultz's class celebrating Veterans Day image

    Mrs. Schultz’s class has been learning about Veterans Day and how it involves the Character Traits of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, and Compassion this week.  They read books and watched… read more

  • 5th Graders STEM project image

    5th Grade started their Force and Motion unit with a STEM activity. Groups had to design a boat out of one piece of aluminum foil (engineering) which could withstand the force of a load of glass… read more

  • Watson Snack Wagon image

    Watson Snack Wagon is back again this year.  There will be healthy snacks that students can purchase, the prices will range anywhere from 50 cents to $1.  The Snack Wagon will be offered every… read more