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Sharon Brooks

Educational BackgroundSharon Brooks

B.A., English and Journalism Education Hastings College;
M.A. Mass Communication, University of Leicester, Great Britain;
M.A. Journalism, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Present Occupation

retired educator

Other Leadership Positions

Board of Directors, YWCA; Board of Directors, Hastings Public Access Corporation; Elder, First Presbyterian Church; Board of Directors, Hastings Public Library Foundation


travel, reading, home and garden projects

Greatest Hope for HPS

I hope that our community continues to embrace and encourage the efforts of achieving educational excellence. Our families are functioning in a technological evolution. Education is a key to successful transition.

Greatest Challenge for HPS 

It appears that sorting through the tangle of state and local funding will continue to challenge us to be vigilant and assertive. In addition, we need to acknowledge the assets of our diverse community and find ways to share them.