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HPS Mask Mandate Guidelines

Beginning on Wednesday, September 15th, 2021, masks will not be required, but individuals who would prefer to wear them are encouraged to do so.  If the absentee rate for ANY ILLNESS exceeds 12% over a 3-day period, it will result in a mask mandate for 14 calendar days for that particular building.  If the absentee rate is below 12% at the end of the 14-day requirement, the building will no longer be required to wear masks.  

An absentee rate of 20% or more over a 3-day period may result in a brief shutdown of the particular building to allow a deep clean and will also result in a 14-day mandatory mask policy.  If mandated, mask-wearing WILL NOT be optional.

What does 12% look like?




Alcott 237 29
Hawthorne 334 41
Lincoln 292 36
Longfellow 314 38
Watson 343 42
HMS 761 92
High School 1083 130

79-526. Class III or IV school district; school board; schools; supervision and control; powers.

The school board or board of education of a Class III or IV school district has responsibility for the general care and upkeep of the schools, shall provide the necessary supplies and equipment, and, except as otherwise provided, has the power to cause pupils to be taught in such branches and classified in such grades or departments as may seem best adapted to a course of study which the board shall establish with the consent and advice of the State Department of Education. The board shall make provision for pupils that may enter at any time during the school year. The board shall have a record kept of the advancement of all pupils in each branch of study. The board shall make rules and regulations as it deems necessary for the government and health of the pupils and devise any means as may seem best to secure the regular attendance and progress of children at school.

Our goal is to have in-person learning and to keep our schools open.